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FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA), is a Colombian institution that focuses its activities on national aeronautical development and employs a team of qualified engineers and technicians specialized in the design of light aircraft and related parts and equipment.

FIA’s greatest value lies in the special skills and expertise of its workforce, and the use of cutting-edge technologies applied to the aerospace industry. The institution, thanks to many years of relentless work and its human and technological capabilities, has developed important projects for the Colombian aerospace industry, projects that reflect the development of the national aviation industry.

FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA) is backed by a selected group of aviation professionals, each specializing in different branches of engineering and aeronautics.


FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA) has as a vision to foster and encourage the spirit of research through the generation of knowledge in aviation and the related industries in Colombia. To this end, the Company encourages individual and research group initiatives for the financing of research projects that seek to reduce foreign dependence in the sector. Additionally, the Company provides consulting services to public and private entities in their area of competence.


FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA) through its human and technological resources, aims to become a strategic partner for all companies in the sector and be established as a leader in aircraft engineering, research and technological support.


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Contact info #1

Guillermo Elkin Casalins
+57 1 547 1236
Calle 48 No 72 B - 38., Bogota, Colombia

Aeronautical Research / Aerodynamic Analysis

FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA) offers aeronautical research and dynamic analysis services and among the most prominent projects the Company has undertaken are on the following aircraft:

• Condor I,
• Teniee Two,
• Storch,
• Sonex.

Research Areas:

• Waterborne transportation,
• Wind power and renewable sources,
• Software and numerical methods for the certification of light aircraft,
• Aircraft design.

Technical Manuals

FIA’s work team has participated in major projects of the Colombian aerospace industry, including some related to the creation of technical and operating manuals for the T-90 Calima aircraft.

Engineering Services

FIA offers engineering services, studies and related development projects to the private and military aviation sectors.

Certification Services

The institution offers certification services on the following aircraft: Cricket Storch, Quimbaya and Pulsar Rebelde. More specifically, the certification services include:

• Compliance with ASTM 2245 standard,
• Compliance with LSA standard,
• Destructive and nondestructive testing,
• Structural calculations, performance and flight dynamics,
• Analysis and validation of components,
• Certification of documents,
• Flight tests.

Engineering Support & Maintenance Services

FIA offers consulting services related to project planning, production and maintenance, documentation, engineering orders, manuals, plans and renderings, as well as maintenance and repair services on aircraft systems.

Simulation & Optimization Services

FUNDACIÓN DE INVESTIGACIONES AERONÁUTICAS (FIA) offers aircraft simulation and optimization services using finite element analysis and computational fluid analysis:

• Structural dynamics,
• Heat transfer,
• Aerodynamics,
• Hydrodynamic stress analysis.

Fundacion de Investigaciones Aeronauticas (FIA)

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