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This report provides an analysis of the global market for carbon, capture utilization and storage technologies and current market trends. It uses 2019 as a base year and provides estimates for 2020 and 2025 with a projection of CAGR in the forecast duration. The report includes a discussion of technological factors, competitive factors, and economic trends affecting the market. Furthermore, it explains the major drivers and regional dynamics of the global carbon, capture utilization, and storage technology market and current trends within the industry.

The report covers carbon, capture utilization, and storage technology segments in brief. The global market for carbon, capture utilization, and storage technologies has been analyzed in terms of technologies, source, applications, service, country, and region. The report concludes with detailed profiles of major vendors in the global carbon, capture utilization, and storage technology market. The publisher examined key categories and regions of the carbon, capture utilization, and storage technology market and forecasted market growth from 2020 to 2025.

The global market size estimates are provided both values ($ million) and in volume (million metric ton). All tons in this report are metric tons or MTs (2,205 lbs.), not U.S. tons (2,000 lbs.) unless otherwise noted. The British spelling "tonne" is not used in this report.

Companies Mentioned

  • Accelergy Corp.
  • Alcoa Of Australia Ltd.
  • Basf Se
  • Bayer Materialscience Ag
  • Bioprocess Algae Llc
  • Cambridge Carbon Capture (Ccc)
  • Carbon Cycle Ltd.
  • Carbon Recycling International
  • Carbon8 Systems
  • Carboncure Technologies Inc.
  • Cardia Bioplastics Ltd.
  • Changchun Institute Of Applied Chemistry (Ciac)
  • Dioxide Materials Inc.
  • DNV Research And Innovation (Dnv Gl Group As)
  • E3Tec Service Llc
  • Easel Biotechnologies Llc
  • Econic Technologies Ltd.
  • Empower Materials Inc.
  • ENN Group Co., Ltd.
  • Gas Technology Institute
  • Henan Tianguan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Zhongke Jinlong-Cas Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Joule Unlimited Inc.
  • Lanzatech Inc.
  • Liquid Light Inc.
  • Mbd Energy Ltd.
  • Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
  • Norner As
  • Novomer Inc.
  • Oakbio Inc.
  • Pioneer Energy Inc.
  • Pond Biofuels Inc.
  • Quantiam Technologies Inc.
  • Siemens Ag
  • Sk Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Skyonic Corp.
  • Solidia Technologies Inc.
  • Twence B.V.

The Report Includes:

  • 129 data tables and 22 additional tables
  • An updated overview of the global market for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies
  • Analyses of the global market trends, with data from 2019, estimates from 2020 to 2024, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2025
  • Identification of key market dynamics, trends, opportunities, and factors influencing the global carbon, capture utilization & storage technologies market and its sub-segments
  • Estimation of the actual market size and revenue forecasts for overall carbon, capture utilization & storage technologies market in global and deep dive into the data on the basis of technologies, source, applications, service, and country
  • Insight into the major stakeholders and analysis of the competitive landscape based on recent developments and segmental revenues
  • Evaluation of the companies best positioned to meet the current and future demand of carbon, capture utilization, and storage technologies owing to their proprietary technologies, strategic alliances, or other advantages

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

Chapter 3 Overview of the Carbon Industry

Chapter 4 Global CCUS Market Dynamics

  • Importance of Carbon Capture Technologies
  • How COVID-19 Has Impacted the CCUS Market
  • How Carbon Capture Technologies Support the Power Transition
  • Address Existing Plant Emissions
  • Stable Power Flexibility
  • Emissions Net Nil and Negative
  • Support for CO2 Infrastructure Will be an Essential Element of Policy Incentives for CCUS
  • Carbon Capture Technologies are Important for Achieving Climate Objectives, Widening the Portfolio of Low-Carbon Power Sources
  • Tackling Emissions from Existing Plants
  • Retrofitting Carbon Capture Technologies Makes the Most Sense for Power Plants That are Well Located, Young and Efficient
  • Net-Zero and Negative Emissions
  • Carbon Capture with Bioenergy Becomes Increasingly Cost-Competitive with Fossil Fuel-Based CCUS at Higher Carbon Prices
  • How Carbon Capture Affects Thermal Power Plant Flexibility
  • Select Insights from Industry Leaders

Chapter 5 Global CCUS Market Outlook

Chapter 6 Market Breakdown by Technology

Chapter 7 Market Breakdown by Service

Chapter 8 Market Breakdown by Source

Chapter 9 Market Breakdown by Application

Chapter 10 Opportunities in the Global Market

  • Power Generation
  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Biomass
  • Industrial Processes
  • Gas Processing
  • Refining
  • Chemicals
  • Petrochemical Building Blocks
  • Ammonia Production
  • Methanol Production
  • Biofuels
  • Iron and Steel
  • Cement
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Aluminum

Chapter 11 North American CCUS Market Outlook

  • United States
  • U.S. Regulation
  • Technology Development Support
  • CCUS Plants and Projects
  • Canada
  • Canadian Regulation of Carbon Emissions
  • Technology Development Support
  • CCUS Plants and Projects

Chapter 12 European CCUS Market Outlook

Chapter 13 Asia-Pacific CCUS Market Outlook

Chapter 14 LAMEA CCUS Market Outlook

Chapter 15 Emerging Technologies

Chapter 16 Profiles of Leading Companies

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