Citizen Care Pod to Provide Winnipeg Jets with COVID-19 Testing and Screening Solution

Team to establish safe 'bubble', reduce exposure to virus and track cases/contacts over the course of the 2021 season

WINNIPEG, MB, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - As NHL teams prepare for the start of the upcoming season, Citizen Care Pod Corp. (CCP) announced today that they will provide rapid testing and screening solutions for the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club in an effort to establish a safe bubble for its players, coaches, trainers and team officials.

CCP, powered by Connectus Global, utilizes a mobile app and blockchain technology to connect COVID-19 test results to team officials and medical staff, local healthcare authorities, physicians, and building/venue operators to facilitate a safe environment for participants. The CCP App validates compliance to organizational policies for minimizing health risks, as well as documents and logs all medical testing.

"We capture a number of data points to compile a 'Player Health Record', or PHR, that is used to streamline reporting to all required parties in real time," said Mike Anderson, CEO Connectus Global Inc. "The PHR is then encrypted as a digital token on each user's own smartphone and used to assess exposure and risk." Connectus Global is the official global technology provider to CCP for contact tracing, digital health certificates, real time locations systems and digital enablement.

CCP has already started providing on-site PCR tests to players and team officials who have begun workouts at Bell MTS Iceplex. The testing produces results within 90 minutes and complies with the NHL's 24-hour reporting program. The plan is to continue testing on a daily basis over the next 22 weeks through to the end of the regular season.

"We're thrilled to be working with the Winnipeg Jets to help facilitate a safe return to on-ice play," said Carl Demarco, CEO, Citizen Care Pod Corp. "We developed Citizen Care Pod as a global solution to get people back to work, school, travel, conferences, concerts and sporting events. Everything about our solution is designed to deliver a scalable and optimized system for conducting COVID-19 testing and screening."

CCPs are available in a range of sizes and custom fabrications, with the largest pods capable of processing thousands of people per hour. The addition of Blockchain technology allows for the further administration of COVID-19 test data securely between key stakeholders.

About Citizen Care Pod Corp.
Co-founded by Carl Demarco as CEO and Chairman (Demarco is also the Chairman of Camillion Corp.) and Zenon Radewych as Chief Creative Officer (Radewych is also a Partner at WZMH Architects), Citizen Care Pods Corporation was established in 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic with the Citizen Care Pod, a smart screening and testing solution specializing in the creation of safe bubbles. Citizen Care Pod utilizes a leading edge blockchain technology platform powered by Connectus Global, the official provider of testing, contact tracing and monitoring. Citizen Care Pods are available in a range of sizes and custom modular designs suitable for a variety of applications such as construction sites, airports, sports and entertainment venues, businesses, public works, and remote locations.

Citizen Care Pods Corporation partnered with PCL Construction to bring the Citizen Care Pod from concept to completion in less than a month.

About Connectus Global Inc.:
Connectus Global is a leading Alberta-based solutions provider for process automation, worker safety and location monitoring applications across industrial and business sectors. With an integrated suite of digital workforce management and business continuity systems, the company's internationally deployed solutions work to improve industrial safety, operational efficiency and crisis recovery planning.

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