Chicago Runs On Ardmore Roderick

CHICAGO, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- You've heard of The Obama Presidential Center, Chicago's O'Hare 21 and CTA's Red Purple Modernization, but you may not have heard of the local engineering firm behind these high-profile projects. Water, rail, schools, aviation, streets, city buildings, gas, electric, bridges -- if it's infrastructure in Chicago, Ardmore Roderick (AR) is there.

Their roots extend deep in their home of Chicago, but this sleeping giant is on the verge of national expansion, at an explosive level, already supporting offices in downstate IL, Florida, Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico.

"We've been purposely flying under the radar for a long time. We're weaved into almost every part of Chicago's infrastructure, yet many don't realize it. We decided it's time to tell people who we are," said Ardmore Roderick President and CEO Rashod Johnson.

Since its start in 2005, AR has grown to 225 employees, 36 of which were hired in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The team is 57% diverse, over 3x's the industry average for this traditionally non-diverse technical space. Johnson said diversity is the firm's cornerstone and strives for inclusion and equality among their team.

A product of Chicago's South side, Johnson wants to show minority students growing up in challenging circumstances that they can be successful, and while their history may drive them, it doesn't have to define them. Johnson had his share of setbacks but persevered to form the largest Black-owned infrastructure engineering firm in Chicago. The AR team has been engineering excellence to grow the city they love and are ready to expand their reach across the US.

"Yes, Ardmore Roderick is a 100% minority-owned firm -- a great one! However, we are not JUST a minority firm. Our experience is unparalleled and we have the portfolio to prove it. There is not one single area of infrastructure in Chicago we don't touch. We are fearless and go above and beyond to build a future that joins communities through sustainable infrastructure," Johnson said.


Ardmore Roderick is a full-service infrastructure engineering firm providing design, construction management, project/program management and surveying services to public and private clients.

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