DropLoads Mobile Application Revamps Retail Sales with Same Day Shipping

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Brick and mortar retailers nationwide have experienced a plummet in sales since 2019. Much of this decrease stems from lowered in-store capacity due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Even retailers with heavily trafficked E-comm sites are fighting to keep up with the demand for same-day shipping and often losing out to Amazon Prime.

DropLoads helps level the playing field for stores by providing efficient and safe, same-day shipping for anything as small as an envelope to freight size. Goods can be picked up from the retailer's store or distribution center and shipped to a consumer within a 50-mile radius. Once a shopper completes their purchase, they open the app, upload a copy of the receipt and schedule their shipment order. The package is obtained by a DropLoader, sealed in a bag, and Geotagged. Now, the customer can trace their package until its final destination using the DropLoads app.

Retailers and businesses may access the DropLoads app to move inventory, furniture, important documents, and much more within their tri-state in the same day. The DropLoads service creates a new area of growth for online retailers that offer merchandise pickup for consumers. Consider a customer who wants to purchase and pick up, but their closest store doesn't have their item. Instead of receiving an "out of stock" error, DropLoads can extend the current breadth of stores to a 50-mile radius.

Now, DropLoads is a same-day method of shipping for the consumer. Instead of waiting three days for an item to move from one store to their closest one, they can arrange to have their item shipped from a store 50 miles away and receive it the same day.

Consumers can also utilize the app for personal and small business use, whether shipping inner city to their friends, family members, or business associates. Contactless pickup and drop-off are available across the northeastern seaboard in the contiguous United States. Expansion into the southern and western regions continues. All packages are securely sealed and Geotagged before transit and tracked via the DropLoads Application.

Creator and Founder of The Simmons Group, VC, states: "As we embrace the new definition of normal, we're propelling industries forward via advanced technology, implementing innovative ways to do business during difficult times."

    --  The DropLoads application is a viable shipping resource that creates a
        new way for retailers to compete with Amazon
    --  Geolocation becomes a loss prevention method for shipments, a picture of
        the point of delivery uploads to the app via the DropLoader
    --  The DropLoads application administers a smooth and secure user
        experience for its consumers and partners
    --  Consumers and partners can have their packages picked up and shipped the
        same day, including oversized freight
    --  DropLoads provides same day, tri-state shipping for business partners
        and 50-mile radius shipping for consumers

DropLoads is available on IOS and Android mobile platforms. For press relations, consumer, or carrier questions, please call (888) 460 1939.

Interested investors, please contact: investments@thesimmonsgroupvc.com

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