Five Taiwan Excellence Award Winning Cycling Brands Showcase Latest Innovations

Taiwan Excellence, the annual Oscars for Taiwanese products, has hosted “Taiwan’s Cycling Brands Online Product Launch” inviting 5 brand representatives to promote their newest innovations. Leonor F.M. Lin, President & CEO of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organization, stated that Taiwan now ranks among the top three bike exporters to 50 countries around the globe, accounting for more than 30% of all imports in these markets.

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MAXXIS, one of the top 10 tire brands in the world, introduced its latest gravel tire, Receptor, and new generation MTB tire, Shorty Gen 2

MAXXIS, one of the top 10 tire brands in the world, introduced its latest gravel tire, Receptor, and new generation MTB tire, Shorty Gen 2

Taiwanese brands will continue to listen to the market, innovate and invest in maintaining their leadership position within their particular market space. This webinar was shared by 5 award-winning brands - KMC, NOVATEC, MAXXIS, DIZO BIKES and PACIFIC CYCLES.

KMC, the market leading chain manufacturer, focused on its e-Bike Series Chains. The new e-Bike dedicated chain made for all 12-speed e-Bikes, ‘e12’ incorporates all KMC's 12-speed chainology. “The key ingredient is our ‘Shield Tech,’ a patented new riveting tech that utilizes a reinforced pin design, which significantly increases pin power. We are very confident to say that it’s 25% stronger and we are the only chain manufacturer who can offer e-bike specific chains,” said Adrian Bleiler, global sales manager of KMC. Furthermore, e12’s enhanced tensile strength and rigidity absorbs the constant load generated by strong mid-motors.

NOVATEC, one of the top 5 bicycle hub suppliers in the world, presented their G24 - Carbon Fiber Wheelset for gravel bikes, the first ever carbon fiber gravel wheelset coming with hookless and tubeless ready design. Jeff Chen, chief marketing officer of the Joy Group, explained that the cassette body is convertible with the SHIMANO HG, SHIMANO 11 SPEED, SRAM XDR and CAMPAGNOLO 13S systems; and the weight of G24 is just 1575 grams per set. In addition to G24, Jeff also introduced the M30 - Carbon Fiber MTB Wheelset, the first carbon fiber MTB wheelset for Enduro and all mountain bikes.

MAXXIS, one of the top 10 tire brands in the world, introduced its latest gravel tire, Receptor, and new generation MTB tire, Shorty Gen 2. Receptor is the perfect choice for riders who want to go the distance on the road as well as off the beaten track. Shorty Gen 2, on the other hand, offers a new knob layout based on feedback from World Cup DH and EWS riders. “The benefit includes pattern upgrade, mud clearing ability and size optimization,” said Frank Liu, the OEM sales manager of MAXXIS. “So, if you are looking for a Mid-Spike tire for wet or extreme dust conditions, the new Shorty would be a great option.”

Other emerging Taiwanese brands, such as DIZO BIKES, hold strong positions in the road bike industry. Its brand-new gravel model, Grover, made its debut in this webinar. “This lightweight carbon gravel bike is ideal for comfortable bikepacking or exciting races. It allows you to easily tackle tricky terrain,” said David Tsai, sales representative of DIZO bikes. “Other clever details such as front and rear luggage rack, fixed mudguards and three bidon design – allow you to take off for a bikepacking adventure, or commute to work in different weather conditions.”

Last but not least, is PACIFIC CYCLES, a bicycle manufacturer that has been in the business for over 40 years. Pacific presented two collections, including its stylish MOOVE (e-pedelec) and MICAH. “The design integrates the battery, the carriers, and it provides over 140 km of range. In general, MOOVE is meant to be very practical, for urban use, for commuting, for shopping and for day-to-day use,” said Stijn Deferm, a designer for Pacific Cycles. The other one is MICAH. “It is the perfect companion for the elderly and people suffering from cerebral palsy, designed with adjustable handlebars, seat height, angle and position to maintain a comfortable sitting position,” said Mendu Baya, another design engineer.

The success of these 5 companies gives a peek into the bright future of the cycling industry and show the unique competitive advantages of Taiwan's bike industry: robust industry hubs, an expert understanding of critical components and a supply chain that combines large-scale manufacturing with superb efficiency. As a result, Taiwan is able to produce the most advanced products, while also providing competitive pricing - the perfect combination.

Taiwan Excellence always selects the best products for you and not just in the cycling industry. See here to learn more about Taiwan Excellence. For the playback video of the online product launch, please visit: Taiwan’s Top Cycling Brands Online Product Launch.