NuScale Power Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Awarded American Nuclear Society’s Prestigious Walter H. Zinn Medal

Today, NuScale Power and the American Nuclear Society (ANS) are pleased to announce that NuScale’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Dr. Jose N. Reyes, has been selected as the 2021 Walter H. Zinn Medal recipient. He will be recognized during the upcoming ANS Annual Virtual Meeting, which begins on June 14.

ANS is a premier international organization of nuclear sciences and industry professionals with more than 10,000 members in over 50+ countries with a mission to advance, foster and spur the development and application of nuclear science, engineering, and technology to benefit society. The Zinn Medal acknowledges and celebrates an individual’s outstanding contributions to the advancement or implementation of nuclear technology. Specifically, Dr. Reyes is being recognized for “revolutionizing 21st century nuclear power” by co-founding NuScale and designing its innovative NuScale Power Module design.

“I am incredibly honored to receive this designation and join the ranks of the respected Zinn Medal awardees. I must share this award with the entire NuScale team, as this distinct honor highlights our organization’s leadership in the advanced nuclear industry and emphasizes how we have truly reshaped the world’s energy future for the better,” said Dr. Reyes. “Institutions like ANS are crucial to fostering and growing the nuclear community, which ultimately propels the entire field forward and ensures all of humanity can reap the benefits of advanced nuclear power.”

Dr. Reyes is an internationally recognized expert on passive safety system design, testing, reactor safety thermal hydraulic test facility scaling and operations for nuclear power plants. He is a Fellow of the ANS, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and is a co-inventor on over 110 patents granted or pending in 20 countries.

ANS is committed to advancing and amplifying the development and application of nuclear sciences and technologies to improve people’s lives and preserve the planet. The organization has brought the benefits of nuclear research and power to society since its founding in 1954. The organization’s first president was Walter H. Zinn, the eponymous first recipient of the award.

About NuScale Power

NuScale Power has developed a new modular light water reactor nuclear power plant to supply energy for electrical generation, district heating, desalination, and other process heat applications. This groundbreaking small modular reactor (SMR) design features a fully factory-fabricated NuScale Power Module™ capable of generating 77 MW of electricity using a safer, smaller, and scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology. NuScale's scalable design—power plants that can house up to four, six, or 12 individual power modules—offers the benefits of carbon-free energy and reduces the financial commitments associated with gigawatt-sized nuclear facilities. The majority investor in NuScale is Fluor Corporation, a global engineering, procurement, and construction company with a 60-year history in commercial nuclear power.

NuScale is headquartered in Portland, OR and has offices in Corvallis, OR; Rockville, MD; Charlotte, NC; Richland, WA; and London, UK. Follow us on Twitter: @NuScale_Power, Facebook: NuScale Power, LLC, LinkedIn: NuScale-Power, and Instagram: nuscale_power. NuScale has a new logo, brand, and website. Watch the short video.