CMTC Helps Food Manufacturer Increase Sales with Improved Packaging Design

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently engaged with Synear Foods USA to help the organization broaden its distribution by updating its branding and packaging.

Synear Foods USA was established in 2015 in Chatsworth, California as a subsidiary of Synear Foods, a premier frozen food company that opened in 1997 in Zhengzhou, China. Synear Foods USA distributes to Asian stores across the U.S. and is focused on high-quality ingredients and consistent innovation.

Synear Foods USA was successfully selling its frozen food products to U.S. retailers that catered to Chinese consumers but wanted to significantly broaden distribution of its dumpling products by launching into mainstream retailers. While the product packaging appealed to Chinese shoppers, it did not have the branding and “look & feel” to attract general U.S. consumers. The company had started preliminary conversations with Costco and was seeking assistance with branding and packaging design before subsequent meetings with Costco and other U.S. retailers.

CMTC partnered with Synear Foods USA to create a candidate list of new brand names, conduct a preliminary trademark search, and finalize name selection. CMTC then designed a new universal graphic logo that worked for all potential Synear products targeted to the mainstream U.S. market, and designed eye-catching packaging that stood out and communicated the products’ features and assets.

As a result, Synear Foods USA significantly boosted its product sales—the company experienced a $500,000 increase in sales and has added 10 jobs. The company also reports an increase in productivity as a result of their work with CMTC.

Synear Foods USA’s COO Judy Zhu says of the experience, “After working with CMTC, we generated great sales - clients really liked the new branding and packaging. As a result, we are currently in talks with Costco. CMTC provided on-time and expert help just when we needed it. I would highly recommend CMTC to other manufacturers.”

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