XR Team Advisory Board, Expanded Website Focused on Breakthrough DiaGlide™ Hybrid Diamond Bearing Technology

Houston-based technology development firm XR Team LLC has announced the naming of a proactive advisory board. The board members are Pat Murray, Gordon Hall, and Paul Deere. The board will be available to advise the firm on growth strategies, ESG goals, and avenues into industrial partnerships. Biographies of the new board members are available at XRteam.com.

Edward Spatz, CEO of XR Team, indicates, “We greatly appreciate the support provided by the members of this advisory board who are bringing years of global expertise and a wide breadth of successes to our endeavors.” Speaking of the firm’s DiaGlide bearing advancements, advisory board member Gordon Hall stated, “I believe that the low friction, lubrication optionality, and energy efficiency of DiaGlide technologies present multi-industry opportunities.” JD Woodward, Chairman of XR Team, added, “The broad scale potential for positive environmental impact coupled with the efficiencies of the Green Tribology character of DiaGlide and the anticipated longer service life and performance gains in many different applications separates these innovations from incremental or single application specific product developments.”

The company has also announced that the XRTeam.com website has been significantly expanded with a new focus on the firm’s bearing technologies. Under development since 2018, DiaGlide innovations offer attractive alternatives to traditional radial and thrust bearings, cam followers, transfer ball assemblies, and drive lines. The technology has seen extensive lab and field testing. DiaGlide is the subject of numerous US patents and US and international patent applications. XR Team is developing field of use licensing arrangements across the spectrum of industrial applications. Mike Reese, COO at XR Team discussed the new website: “With the new XRTeam.com website we have highlighted our DiaGlide innovations. We believe the new content will generate significant industrial interest in our expanding technologies as well as the additional features possible through the design enabling versatility.”

XR Team LLC is a multi-faceted innovation research and development enterprise based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2015 the firm has developed pioneering technologies applicable to directional and horizontal drilling. Beginning in 2018 the firm extended its efforts into multi-industry bearing technology with the development of DiaGlide hybrid diamond bearing technologies. XR Team LLC and its subsidiaries are registered in Texas. Information on the enterprise can be found at XRTeam.com