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The "Drone Manufacturers Ranking 2020 Report" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This report provides the most comprehensive overview and analysis of commercial drone platform manufacturers. It is based on many months of monitoring, research and analysis by the research team, as well as the drone manufacturer ranking model, which was built on the basis of years of experience in the commercial drone industry and a deep understanding of the drone market.

The Drone Manufacturer Ranking Model is based on a unique approach that takes into account market shares, market activity, and public attention to competitively compare drone platform manufacturers. As a result of this model, the rankings in this report are both comprehensive and reliable. They are a product of both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, and a look beyond the hype that drones have experienced in the past few years.

The 48-page report contains the two rankings: The Top 40 global commercial drone manufacturer ranking and the Top 20 dual-use manufacturers (commercial and governmental use) in the world.

The rankings are summed up and analyzed and followed by company profiles of the Top 10 commercial drone manufacturers per category. The company profiles outline company partnerships, products, and activities. Finally, this report also includes a .xlsx file with company information over 430 drone manufacturers.

Key Topics Covered:




Research Methodology

Scope Definition & Research Design

Report Creation


1.1 Drones: Where Did They Come From?

1.2 Major Segments of the Drone Ecosystem

1.3 Drone Application Methods

1.4 Drone Market Industries and Use Cases

1.5 Drone Market Dynamics

2 Drone Manufacturers

2.1 Civil Drone Manufacturers

2.1.1 Top 40 Ranking

2.1.2 Top 10 Company Profiles

2.2 Dual-use Drone Manufacturers

2.2.1 Top 20 Ranking

2.2.2 Top 10 Company Profiles

Appendix: Industry Definitions


Chart 1: Drone technology stack

Chart 2: Drone hardware

Chart 3: Drone software

Chart 4: Drone services

Chart 5: Commercial drone market segmentation

Chart 6: Drone application methods

Chart 7: Assessment Process of civil platform manufacturers

Chart 8: Product placement of civil platform manufacturers

Chart 9: Assessment process of dual-use platform manufacturers


Table 1: Commercial drone use cases across industries

Table 2: Top 1-20 commercial drone manufacturers

Table 3: Top 21-40 commercial drone manufacturers

Table 4: Top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers

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