Redwood Climate Communications Launches to Provide Public Relations Expertise in CleanTech, ESG and Clean Energy

Redwood Climate Communications launched today to bring a uniquely impact-focused approach to public relations for climate tech startups, companies, and corporate initiatives. Redwood will focus on the climate and business impact its clients are making through communications initiatives and building the right combination of activities to realize those goals, whether they are measured in dollars, CO2 emissions removed or avoided, customers earned, or all of the above. Redwood will provide four essential communications services: strategic counsel, writing, strong media relations, and marketing content and consultation.

Redwood Climate Communications is led by Josh Garrett, an expert in climate tech and 17-year veteran of the communications profession, with over a decade focused solely on climate technology and initiatives. Garrett has diverse experience in the nonprofit and private sectors, and counts Google Nest, Sunrun, QuantumScape and Stem among the companies he has worked with.

“The climate crisis is humanity’s greatest challenge, and every profession has a role to play in meeting that challenge,” said Garrett. “For communications professionals, our role is to educate diverse audiences about what’s required to curb the crisis, and which organizations are offering the most effective and promising solutions. That’s why we founded Redwood--to devote an entire firm, stocked with communications professionals who are also experts in the science and economics underlying climate solutions, to tell the fascinating stories of the people and organizations behind them.”

With climate change-driven disasters ravaging the U.S. and the world, the need for developing and deploying new technologies to mitigate the crisis and adapt to a new reality has never been more urgent. At the same time, global markets are recognizing this need and the value of the companies addressing it; climate tech companies have raised $14.2 billion in capital in just the first half of 2021, and global investors have already closed as many climate-focused funds as were raised during the previous five years combined. With environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations shifting from an outlier investment class to a central rubric for measuring performance and growth potential of all companies, participants in this investment boom range from retail investors to world’s largest hedge funds. And the future looks bright for climate tech businesses: the global green technology and sustainability market is expected to grow from $11.2 billion in 2020 to $36.6 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.6%.

Innovators around the world have made amazing progress on creating and deploying climate technologies over the last 20 years, but many require expert guidance to help tell their organizations’ stories and reach key audiences like investors, corporate partners, policymakers and customers. To provide that guidance to climate tech organizations at all growth stages, Redwood brings unmatched knowledge of climate technology and business, as well as its team’s proven track record of planning and executing successful campaigns, to its clients. Redwood works with any organization whose central function contributes to climate change mitigation or adaptation, including the clean energy, advanced mobility, grid management, distributed energy resources (DER), ag tech, water tech and circular economy sectors, among many others.

Redwood launches with clients across the CO2 capture, mobility, and non-profit sectors. Redwood Climate Communications is a Strange Brew Strategies company, able to leverage the resources and talents of an award winning PR agency that works with many of the biggest and most powerful companies in technology today. Strange Brew Strategies co-founders Dave Donohue and John O’Brien serve on Redwood’s board of directors.

About Redwood Climate Communications

Redwood is a communications and PR consultancy that combines deep understanding of climate tech with expertise in strategic communications and media relations. We have worked with startups in renewable energy, grid edge, battery tech, EV and EV charging; we’ve also helped some of the biggest brands in cleantech and sustainability tell their stories at pivotal points in their evolution. We provide climate mitigation and adaptation organizations with the strategy, writing, media relations and marketing content they need to enhance their climate impact and grow their revenue. Learn more at

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