Arizona’s Most Robust Test Laboratory Adds New ETS I1045 Shaker System

National Technical Systems, Inc. (“NTS”), the leading independent provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification solutions in North America, is excited to announce that its laboratory in Tempe, Arizona, added a new ETS I1045 shaker system with a 480kVA amplifier.

The new system ensures that NTS Tempe remains the gold standard for the industry’s most advanced shock and vibration testing in Arizona. With the expanded capability, NTS is able to meet the increasingly stringent requirements more quickly while testing to a variety of standards, including MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160, ISTA 2A and 3A, UN38.3, and RTCA/DO-293.

To ensure customers maintain flexible scheduling options with the surge in demand, the Tempe facility plans to add top echelon technicians and engineers to operate the ETS I1045 exclusively. “We’re excited to expand our offering to remain the region’s most comprehensive test facility,” said Connor Smith, General Manager of NTS Tempe. “With the investment, our lab is the only one-stop shop for advanced dynamics, environmental, and EMI/EMC testing in the State of Arizona.”

With a three-inch peak-to-peak displacement and velocities up to 180 inches per second, this system will add a significant increase in high-level shock and SRS testing capabilities to the Tempe lab. In addition, the new shaker exerts 24,000 force-pounds with a two-inch peak-to-peak of continuous displacement. It can also produce 220 Gs in sine vibration and 180 G in random vibration. “We’re laser-focused on accelerating time-to-market with the latest technology, fastest turnarounds, and best engineers,” continued Smith.

About National Technical Systems

National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) is the leading provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification services in North America, serving a broad range of industries, including the civil aviation, space, defense, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical, and automotive end markets. Since 1961, NTS has built the broadest geographic presence in the United States, offering more than 70 distinct environmental simulation and materials testing categories, including climatic, structural, dynamics, fluid flow, EMI/EMC, lightning, product safety, acoustics, failure analysis, chemical, and other industry-specific tests.

With 28 technologically advanced testing laboratories, this geographically diverse footprint puts NTS facilities in close proximity to its more than 8,000 clients, allowing NTS to serve the nation’s most innovative companies with industry-leading accessibility and responsiveness. NTS is accredited by numerous national and international organizations and operates its inspection division under the Unitek brand, providing a wide range of supply chain management services. NTS’ certification division, which operates under the NQA brand, is one of the largest and most respected global ISO registrars, with active certifications in more than 75 countries. For additional information about NTS, visit our website at or call 800-270-2516.