4Sight and CHN Analytics Form Partnership

4Sight, a leading consumer and brand insights company, and CHN Analytics, a leading provider of predictive analytics for the Department of Defense, have partnered to bring their combined expertise to bear for commercial clients.

The lead offering—called FutureSet HI—provides visibility into the next “High Profile Ingredients”: ingredients that might have adverse health or environmental impact in various categories such as consumer packaged goods, food and beverage and home.

“At a time when consumers are more focused than ever on the ingredients in products, it is imperative that C-suite executives have the ability to ‘see around the corner’ to get ahead of ingredients in their products that might pose a risk to consumers’ health or the environment as well as to shareholder value,” said Mark Jeffreys founder of 4Sight and a former executive at Procter & Gamble who led the Gillette and Pampers brands.

FutureSet HI uses cutting edge machine learning technology to synthesize billions of documents in scientific (e.g. patents, scientific journals, regulatory actions, etc.), market (e.g. news publications, lawsuits, etc.), and consumer (e.g. social media, blogs, etc.) datasets into a model that allows data scientists and strategists to distinguish innocuous ‘sparks’ (the initial publication or post) from those of concern that could ‘spread’ across social media into consumer awareness, giving companies time to get ahead of the concern.

The two companies offer more than 50 years of expertise in strategy, machine learning, technology prediction and consumer packaged goods (CPG). This expertise has shaped FutureSet HI, which is already being used by C-Suite executives of Fortune 100 companies.

“The CHN Analytics capability is leveraged by the Department of Defense to make informed decisions around country-level investments into critical emerging technologies. Combining that deep machine learning capability with 4Sight’s strategic consumer knowledge and expertise to create FutureSet HI solves one of the biggest challenges of C-Suite executives: staying ahead of rapid changes in the speed of information flow,” says CHN Analytics CEO Stephanie Hughes.

The partnership also offers FutureSet ET, leveraging the horizon scan capability of CHN Analytics to identify emerging technology trends in their earliest stages and their projected growth. By mining billions of scientific documents such as grants, patents, clinical trials, conference data, etc., FutureSet ET has the ability to enable companies to stay ahead of technology change and map out potential implications of those growing ‘sparks’ before they ‘spread’, giving them a competitive advantage.