ACS Announces Trademark Registration of its Data-Driven Secure Agile Methodology (D2SAM®)

Assured Consulting Solutions (ACS) proudly announced today the trademark registration for its Data-Driven Secure Agile Methodology (D2SAM®). The D2SAM® Framework mirrors and reflects the ACS corporate culture that adaptably applies engineering and human-centric processes and techniques towards the delivery of excellence to our customers.

D2SAM® is an evolutionary framework driven by inspiration from multiple methodologies and guided by unique adaptation to shoehorn and blend processes and techniques into customer environments. The challenge met by D2SAM® is to provide practitioners with industry’s best techniques and guidelines that help customers to balance sustaining operational continuity with advancement through responsible innovation.

ACS’s Data-Driven Secure Agile Methodology (D2SAM®) is a framework of engineering and non-technical tools, processes, and techniques supported by an underlying model-based infrastructure, data environment, and process library. The D2SAM® Framework is organized into four cyclical quadrants that reflect the continuous delivery of services and systems to customers. ACS envisions our customers being on a continual journey through strategy, design, transition, and operations (SDTO) cycles leading towards their future goals and operational outcomes. To get there, we believe customers need to take optimal advantage of their data, and to connect their organization through digital engineering and non-technical models.

D2SAM® Framework Objectives

  • Cover the SDTO lifecycle with useful engineering and non-technical Tools, Techniques, Processes (TTP)
  • Ensure our practitioners can use and apply individual TTPs in support of customer missions and goals
  • Incorporate foundational digital engineering and metrics-driven improvement principles and models
  • Build practitioner awareness to encourage customer innovation efforts while sustaining their operations
  • Educate and inform our staff and advise our customers
  • Recognize and embrace that business agility requires solutions that use technical and non-technical TTPs
  • Ardently focus on data and data security as the fundamental lifeblood of customer organizations
  • Define a mechanism for evaluating new commercial techniques to assess what new value they offer

D2SAM® Delivers Value to our Customers

Our customers are being challenged and driven to adopt innovation by their evolving mission needs and business pressures, including budget shortfalls. Their organizations have defined and matured processes with supported enterprise tools that need to evolve to keep pace with their changing needs. ACS practitioners use D2SAM®’s industry best tools, techniques, and processes to help advise and deliver innovations that fit into their existing enterprise, infrastructure, business models, and culture. The D2SAM® framework SDTO cycles are mutually independent, allowing teams to employ a specific cycle without adopting the entire framework.

Customers can use an à la carte approach to identify, justify, train, and rollout new tools, techniques, and processes to augment, modernize, or replace legacy processes or procedures to meet their business agility needs. We help manage incremental change into an organization and integrate change across the existing organizational infrastructure.

D2SAM® Delivers Value to ACS

ACS’s corporate operations is not immune from the need for business agility innovation. We leverage our D2SAM® practitioners and D2SAM® TTPs to continually assess and improve everything from long-range strategic planning to contract management to running our Icebreaker advanced concepts development lab. We capture our own experiences with commercial TTPs in the D2SAM® framework to hone and optimize how we adapt and deliver services to our customers. We insist on understanding innovative practices before delivering to customers. The plus-side of our try-it-before-delivering-it approach is internal education and training of our team which enables us to deliver better services.


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Data-Driven Secure Agile Methodology (D2SAM®) is a registered trademark of Assured Consulting Solutions, LLC. It is a software as a service (SAAS) featuring software for Systems Engineering Operating Model for engineering, developing, operating, and sustaining mission and corporate IT solutions. US Patent and Trademark Office registration no. 6,582,628.