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Control Express Finland, designs and produces industrial computers and displays especially for exporting companies. The company's specialty is tailoring a unique solution for every customer, but it also sells standard products.

Control Express Finland is a member of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, a world-wide consortium of over 700 companies. PICMG's purpose is to extend the PCI standard and to offer industrial equipment vendors common specifications, thereby increasing availability and reducing the costs of industrial PCI standard-based products.

The company's line of products also includes neural network programs.

The firm's production line includes:

  • Ruggedized military computers
  • Ruggedized TFT-displays
  • Ruggedized switch/router units


The company has conducted business with leading Finnish companies such as:

  • ABB Substation Automation
  • Finn-Power
  • Kone
  • Metso
  • Mirasys
  • Nokia Networks
  • Plustech
  • Puolustusvoimat (Finnish Defence Forces)
  • Raute Wood
  • Vaasa Engineering

Control Express Finland military computers and networking products form a natural extension to its industrial product line, offering products designed, manufactured and tested to more strict military standards and specifications than their industrial PC brethren. CEF military products combine power with an ultra-tough construction well able to cope with the most hazardous environments. CEF military computer models and communication devices are made to withstand punishment.

The aluminum casing used on their military products is corrosion resistant and designed to offer best of breed protection against external shocks. IP54 rated protection against dust and spilled water is a standard feature on our military products.

Advanced thermal technologies used in CEF military products make them great choice for a wide variety of climates. Self-switching programmable heaters against subzero temperatures and heat exchangers for dissipating s urplus heat while keeping the computer inside air isolated from the dust and humidity of the environment are popular options. An independent control/monitor unit forms a first line defense against hardware malfunction. It can switch the heaters and fans on or off, and send alerts to the maintenance personnel when human intervention is needed.

Control Express Finland Oy

  • Keilaranta 15 B, 02150 Espoo, Savonlinna, Finland
  • +358 (0)9 417 411 00
  • +358 10 424 4880
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