South Korea Grinergy Looks to U.S. to Grow Battery Technology Operations

Grinergy, a South Korean headquartered lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery management systems company will be expanding their operations in the U.S. This includes Proof of Concept (POC) for the local market and accelerating their R&D to set the groundwork for product sales launch. Grinergy operates on a global basis with operations in Asia, North America and Europe.

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Grinergy Lithium-ion Battery Technology (Photo: Grinergy Corp.)

Grinergy Lithium-ion Battery Technology (Photo: Grinergy Corp.)

Grinergy is dedicated to solving challenges still facing lithium-ion technology such as:

  • The need to increase energy density of the batteries
  • Allowing recharging rates that are significantly faster than those possible today
  • Improving the cold-weather performance of batteries (Some studies have shown up to a 40 percent reduction in range in severe cold weather)
  • Increasing safety by reducing the danger of fire

Using proprietary technology developed by the Grinergy engineering, research, and development team, the company has developed batteries that:

  1. Are capable of charging at -30 °C with minimum capacity and range reduction.
  2. Charge rates up to 10 times faster than today’s conventional Lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Vastly increased safety with no thermal runaway at 400 °C.
  4. 3-4 times higher discharge capacity.

Leading the U.S. investor relations and new business development is Don Southerton, an acknowledged expert in South Korean and global business practices. In the past, Southerton has assisted American companies entering the Korean market and Korean companies entering and expanding their global operations.

“With Grinergy’s new improvements to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries backed up by a growing body of engineering knowledge and intellectual property patents, the company is now ready to explore how these battery technology advancements can benefit companies working in robotics, smart sign, portable power stations and other spaces,” said Southerton.

Scott Bang, Grinergy CEO, added, “As we look globally, North America is one of the key regions for lithium-ion battery development and Grinergy feels that it is the next logical step after its growth in Asia, where it already has a number of companies using our batteries, intellectual property (IP), and engineering know-how.”

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About Grinergy

Grinergy is a lithium-ion battery technology company headquartered in South Korea which offers multiple solutions to revolutionize the shortcomings of the conventional lithium battery industry. Grinergy’s proprietary technology offers remarkable safety with improved charging capability. The company currently has offerings in the robotics, smart sign and, portable power stations spaces, and will be expanding its offerings in the future.