DunhamTrimmer Publishes Authoritative Market Report on Biofertilizers

DunhamTrimmer, the Global Leader in Business Intelligence for the global Biocontrols and Biostimulants industries, announced the release of its 2022 Global Biofertilizer Market Report. The new Report details the global Biofertilizer industry including the booming market of (N)-fixation in Non-Leguminous Crops. Apart from the inoculant segment, which is the main Biofertilizer market, this study extends its coverage of Biofertilizers to any other microbial-based product that has Biofertilizer and Biostimulant properties.

It is designed to be the authoritative, “view-from-the-inside” resource for existing Biofertilizer players and the powerful macro drivers for companies and investors seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning Biofertilizer industry.

DunhamTrimmer's Report includes market segmentation based on the rapidly evolving US and European regulatory landscapes combined with a technical exploration of the expanding market for microorganisms that promote plant growth and increase nutrient use efficiency.

Urged by the global desire for sustainability, Biofertilizers align perfectly within the great growth drivers that strive for more efficient use of resources. For the first time in the history, a microorganism to bring about nitrogen-fixation in corn is being used in commercial agriculture. Nitrogen-fixation in Legumes (which include soybeans) has been done with microbes for centuries.

Disruptive microbial technology including new genus types has spread rapidly across the US and is poised to move quickly into Latin America, Europe, and Africa on the way to Asia/Pacific. The Report spans nearly 354 pages and analyzes the market of these and other microbial groups through 2027. It includes more than 300 charts and graphs detailing key microbial types, global, regional, and crop-specific markets, along with country-specific data for application types, formulation types and CAGR.

DunhamTrimmer's network and its collective 100+ years of experience in the Biocontrols and Biostimulants market offers a distinct alternative to Market Reports from outside the industry.

It also includes sections on the history and evolution of the Biofertilizer industry, trends and drivers, major product and application types, profiles of leading manufacturers and SWOT analyses. An Excel data option is available for clients wishing to conduct further analysis.

About DunhamTrimmer

Founded in 2011, DunhamTrimmer LLC is the premier market research company focusing exclusively on the global Biological Agricultural, Public Health, and Forest Health markets including the Biopesticide, Biocontrol, Biostimulant, and Biofertilizer industries. DunhamTrimmer serves an extensive list of multi-national, investor group, and start-up business clients through its broad market experience and a thorough understanding of the global biological sector.