Workers at Winnipeg’s Brenntag Canada Inc. Vote to Join the United Steelworkers

Workers at Brenntag Canada Inc., a chemical and ingredients distribution centre in Winnipeg, have voted overwhelmingly to join the United Steelworkers union (USW).

“We are pleased to welcome the newest members from Brenntag Canada Inc. to our union family,” said Scott Lunny, USW District 3 Director. “These workers supported each other throughout this process because they knew they deserved better. This win is certainly a testament to their determination and unity to build a better workplace and future.”

A mail-ballot vote took place in March and was counted by the Manitoba Labour Board on Monday, May 9, 2022. Approximately 20 workers from the Winnipeg distribution centre will join the union.

“We are super excited to be joining with the USW,” said one of the workers. “We’ve been working towards this for a long time and I am excited to see our hard work pay off.”

“I am proud of the workers for staying together throughout this process, and I thank the hard work of those who helped their colleagues join the USW,” said Pablo Guerra, USW organizer.

“As we begin the collective bargaining process, our goal will be to negotiate a first collective agreement that provides fairness, respect and recognizes the workers’ hard work with better wages and benefits,” said Guerra.

The USW represents 225,000 members in nearly every economic sector across Canada and is the largest private-sector union in North America, with 850,000 members in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

Each year, thousands of workers choose to join the USW because of our strong track record in creating healthier, safer and more respectful workplaces and negotiating better working conditions and fairer compensation – including good wages, benefits and pensions.

Workers interested in joining the United Steelworkers union can learn more about the benefits at