June 13, 2022 - The Greek company EODH S.A., based in Lakkoma, Halkidiki participates once again in the International Land Defence and Security Exhibition EUROSATORY 2022, (German Pavilion HALL 6 - K631). EODH will present its Technologies, Systems and Products and the latest developments in the field of Protection of Heavy MBTs, Armored Fighting Vehicles and Light Armored Vehicles.

See at EODH’s Booth

The new High Mobility Armored Vehicle 4x4 Hoplite which incorporates many innovations and provide an excellent balance between the mobility and the protection

The widely known and Combat Proven KMW 4x4 Dingo II with the protection upgrade package ASPIS D-Force

The advanced protection system ASPIS Modular NG - MBT (ASPIS – Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System) installed in a Leopard 2A4 turret designed as a complete hybrid solution. Combines passive and active protection elements in the front arch to cope with modern threats such as tandem double warhead ATGMs and the new generation of long-rod APFSDS kinetic energy rounds

A combined mock-up of a Light and Medium Combat Vehicle; with installed the layout of the ASPIS integrated Protection System with the use of a new generation of passive and active protecting materials

Meet EODH at the EUROSATORY 2022 Defense and Security Exhibition where we will showcase Our innovative state of the Art Technologies, Products, Services and Survivability Solutions. Visitors are welcome at our stand to discover how our combination of innovative thinking, in-depth knowledge and pioneering design provide continuously smarter solutions that cover all our customer’s High Level requirements. EODH will be presenting the complete Protection Capabilities, including our Advanced Passive and Active Protection Systems, smart materials, New generation transparent armor as well as our new Holistic Protection Approach Solutions.

We look forward to meeting you at the German Pavilion Hall 6 –K631