TrustHab Deploys Their Energy Management Solution Across Park West Student Living Community to Reduce Utility Costs, Mitigate Humidity, and Boost Property NOI

TrustHab, one of the most powerful IoT driven Sustainability Solutions for student housing and multifamily, has proudly partnered with Park West, a 1,316 unit luxury student living community located in College Station, Texas, near the campus of Texas A&M, with the goal of helping the property to reduce utility costs, mitigate humidity, streamline workflows for maintenance teams, and boost NOI. In order to effectively achieve this, TrustHab has installed 1,467 smart thermostats within residences, common areas and interior hallways throughout the buildings. The thermostats will continuously monitor HVAC unit runtime activity and humidity levels in each residence and common area, and report the actionable data back to onsite property teams via a centralized platform.

The TrustHab solution leverages a real-time alerting system to notify onsite personnel of any units or areas that are displaying potentially concerning conditions, such as inefficiently running HVAC units or abnormally high humidity levels, which allows maintenance teams to be dispatched immediately to proactively address any issues before they require costly remediation. Through this proven system, existing partners of TrustHab have seen a 45% reduction in HVAC runtimes and 28% electricity bill savings.

In addition to energy management, TrustHab provides multiple other smart technology solutions to student housing and multifamily properties, including leak detection, humidity mitigation, and smart lock access control systems. The solutions deliver an effective way for property owners and operators to identify opportunities to reduce their costs, save on man-hours, and improve building operational efficiency. TrustHab’s integrated smart devices include thermostats, door locks, leak sensors, water valves, light switches, outlets, and more.

Park West is an all bills paid community that is owned by NCCD, National Campus and Community Development (, and operated by The Michaels Organization, one of the nation’s leading property management companies. The Michaels Organization entered the student housing market in 2007 and has since developed both on and off campus student living communities.

Referencing the company’s partnership with TrustHab, Tyler Davidson, Sr Regional Facility Director at The Michaels Organization, said, “I found out about TrustHab several years ago and was more than intrigued by the proposition that I could have visibility into all of the thermostats on our student housing properties. Aside from the ability to set minimum and maximum temperature thresholds to keep college students from fighting over the thermostat, we have found that we now nearly eliminate after hours emergency calls for heating and air conditioning because we are alerted immediately when a system isn’t performing the way it should. We no longer have to rely on a resident coming home late in the evening to discover that their apartment is hot/cold. The additional ancillary benefits like the green initiative programming setpoints and the remote access control have proven to be a tremendous ROI and time saver at the three communities where we have implemented the program.”

Mark Krasovec, Director of Sales for TrustHab, said, “We are grateful for our continued partnership with The Michaels Organization. TrustHab is excited about the opportunity to help the Park West community achieve significant cost savings and solve common property management pain points, such as thermostats being turned off completely upon a resident temporarily vacating their unit, AC units being frozen as a result of the thermostat setpoint being too low, aging HVAC equipment, and easing workflows for onsite personnel who are responsible for managing such a large property.”

TrustHab is a CIMA Group brand. CIMA Group is a technology and service partner that is focused on innovation to support the evolution of consumer behavioral trends. Since 1981, CIMA Group has been committed to empowering businesses through simple enablement. Headquartered in Miami and with presence in Guayaquil, Ecuador, CIMA Group has strategically expanded its portfolio to include solutions in the Communications and IoT sectors and will continue its commitment to empowering its global customer-base by effectively combining Technology, Innovation, and Human Capital for decades to come. Other CIMA Group brands include Auris, CIMA Telecom, and Hola America.

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