ProAmpac Launches Inaugural ESG Report

ProAmpac, a global leader in flexible packaging and material science, this week launched its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, A Path Forward, highlighting the company’s sustainability strategy.

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ProAmpac's 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report, A Path Forward (Photo: Business Wire)

ProAmpac's 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report, A Path Forward (Photo: Business Wire)

ProAmpac’s mission is two-fold: (1) Offer a sustainable alternative for 100% of their products by 2025, and (2) Continue making an impact for employees and communities with programs such as the ProAmpac Employee Assistance Fund (PEAF) as well as community outreach events.

“ProAmpac has always worked ethically and responsibly in our business practices and our sustainable product mission, along with the ESG strategies we’ve developed, are transformative,” stated Greg Tucker, Founder and CEO of ProAmpac.

“We have aligned our capabilities and assets to meet these ambitious ESG goals. Our material scientists, packaging engineers and university partnerships place us ahead of our peers in innovating for a sustainable world. In addition, we have invested in our Collaboration & Innovation Center (CIC), Quality team and intellectual property portfolio all in an effort to meet our sustainable packaging goals. This helps our customers as they strive to achieve their own sustainability goals,” Tucker said.

ProAmpac’s Sustainability Committee worked to create an inclusive ESG strategy that solidified the sustainable actions that have been core to ProAmpac since its founding in 2015. The company’s four ESG strategies outline the progress and commitments made.

Key ESG Strategies

  • Foundational Principles
    • The foundation of the ESG strategy relies on three principles: regulatory compliance, health and safety, and financial performance
  • Products
    • ProAmpac is committed to offering customers sustainable alternatives for 100% of its products by 2025
  • Operations
    • ProAmpac is laying the foundation to measure, track and reduce operational impact on the environment. ProAmpac is calculating Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions across sites and will set greenhouse gas reduction goals in 2023
  • Social Impact
    • ProAmpac’s five core values drive positive behaviors and enhance the way they operate: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, Involvement, and Impact
    • ProAmpac continues to expand the ProAmpac Employee Assistance Fund, their employee wellness culture, and community impact events.

ProAmpac’s ESG report, A Path Forward, also highlights many stories of its people and processes that have positioned the company’s commitments for the future. “It’s important for all stakeholders to understand the sustainable and social responsibilities we’re committed to, and the impact we have on society and on the environment,” stated Tucker.

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