NuQuest Energy Advances Six Utility-Scale Solar Projects Totaling 1.0 Gigawatt

NuQuest Energy LLC, a Louisiana-based utility-scale solar development company, has had six of its projects totaling 1.0 Gigawatt submitted to the MISO queue for evaluation.

The six utility-scale solar projects advanced to the MISO queue, and exceeded their strategy to build a 1 Gigawatt portfolio in three years.

“We’re excited to have our first portfolio of utility-scale projects advanced to the MISO queue,” said Alex Guitart, NuQuest Co-Founder. “In just fifteen months, we have demonstrated our ability to assemble a 1 Gigawatt portfolio and are on track for originating the next Gigawatt of high-quality sites.”

Mr. Guitart is joined by industry executives Kirk Barrell, Founder, Amelia Resources LLC and Barrell Energy Inc., Bob Rosamond, Co-Founder & Partner, Audubon Companies, LLC, and Denis Taylor, Co-Founder & Partner, Audubon Companies, LLC. Together, the four NuQuest co-founders have accumulated more than 120 years of experience in the energy sector. Building on each partner’s industry expertise and strong relationships in the community, the team has rapidly identified, secured, and marketed an advanced portfolio of solar projects.

“We’ve rapidly scaled a high-quality portfolio of projects utilizing our technologically-driven approach with our proprietary system called TerraVolt,” said Kirk Barrell. “The combination of technology and strong historical relationships in the community have enabled us to construct a project portfolio two years faster than planned.”

The company is currently focused on utility-scale solar development across Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas. Due to the rapid growth, the company has plans to significantly expand their development and land teams. Leveraging 120 years of energy and technology experience allows the company to quickly identify high-quality sites in targeted marketplaces. The company believes in strong partnerships with third parties where alignment creates strong results with excellent financial outcomes for all parties.

About NuQuest Energy, LLC

NuQuest Energy, LLC is a solar development company pursuing an aggressive plan to assemble and construct a diverse portfolio of utility, industrial, and corporate projects across the United States with a current focus on Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The company leverages existing relationships and project development experience to build a robust, scalable renewables portfolio.

CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: This press release contains certain forward-looking statements regarding renewable energy, development and operation activities, anticipated and potential developments and the economic potential of properties. Accuracy of these forward-looking statements depends on assumptions about events that change over time and is thus susceptible to periodic change based on actual experience and new developments. NuQuest Energy LLC cautions readers that it assumes no obligation to update or publicly release any revisions to the forward-looking statements in this press release and, except to the extent required by applicable law, does not intend to update or otherwise revise these statements more frequently than quarterly. Important factors that might cause future results to differ from these forward-looking statements include adverse conditions such as variations in the market prices of renewable energy, environmental laws and situations, solar and wind accessibility, the ability to satisfy future cash obligations and environmental costs, and other general development risks and hazards.