Innovative Oncology CRO OncoBay Clinical Joins physIQ Intrepid Partner Program

physIQ, a leader in continuous remote patient monitoring (cRPM) and data analytics, announced today that OncoBay Clinical, Inc., a leading oncology-focused Contract Research Organization (CRO), has joined the Intrepid™ Partner Program. OncoBay will use physIQ’s technology to monitor and evaluate the health and safety of cancer patients and treatment effectiveness in near real-time during the clinical trial process.

The Intrepid™ Partner Program uniquely enables CROs, such as OncoBay, Academic Research Organization, and other technology solution companies to deliver physIQ’s next generation, near real time patient insights powered by high-fidelity medical grade biosensor data streams to their pharmaceutical customers.

OncoBay Clinical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Moffitt Cancer Center, is a full-service boutique CRO specializing in complex oncology programs. The innovative company offers comprehensive, custom-curated solutions to biopharma and biotech companies who are ready to advance their immuno-oncology assets from concept to clinic.

A company on the forefront of advanced data collection for clinical trials, OncoBay Clinical and physIQ share similar views on the use of raw, near real-time streaming physiological data, and the value of real-world evidence to better evaluate the effectiveness of drugs beyond clinical settings.

OncoBay was also drawn to physIQ for its ability to make trials safer through a “predict-to-prevent” pharmacovigilance model. Many immuno-oncology and other cell and gene therapies bring risk of serious adverse events to patients which may limit the reach of promising therapies by increasing their cost and burden on patients and health systems. physIQ has the capability to detect inflammation associated with serious medical events from these therapies 50+ hours prior to traditional standards of care. This can help reduce hospitalizations, decrease follow-up costs, and improve overall survival rates.

“By using physIQ, we’re getting to the direct source of information through raw data collected from a patient’s physiology giving us the ability to make smarter decisions about patient care without relying on an interpretation of data that may lead to incorrect assumptions,” said Krystyna Kowalczyk, CEO of OncoBay. “We’re thrilled to partner with physIQ on this mission to make patient care more effective, accessible, and affordable.”

“Digital technology has enabled clinical research to adapt dynamically,” says Gary Conkright, Chief Executive Officer at physIQ. “Utilizing cRPM within clinical settings gives clinicians the power to remotely and continuously monitor the physiology of cancer patients under their care. By adopting this technology, OncoBay has the potential to transform how the industry treats cancer patients.”

physIQ-driven innovations can bring additional patient diversity and recruitment advantages by improving the patient experience and expanding the trial’s geographic footprint without adding trial sites.

More information on the physIQ Intrepid CRO Program can be found at

About OncoBay Clinical

OncoBay Clinical is a boutique CRO specializing in immuno-oncology/cell therapy, offering full-service custom curated CRO solutions for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to advance their immuno-oncology product or device. As a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of Moffitt Cancer Center, OncoBay embeds scientific expertise, operational excellence, and integrated cell manufacturing capabilities providing true end-to-end control. Built on years of IO and cell therapy expertise, a streamlined technology framework, a highly trained site network, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals, OncoBay is committed to operational excellence from start to finish. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About physIQ

physIQ delivers personalized medical insights that can vastly improve patient outcomes. By combining proprietary AI and any wearable biosensor to continuously monitor patients in real-world settings, physIQ is advancing medicine and enabling clinical trial sponsors and clinicians to proactively detect physiological decompensations, improve the safety and efficacy of new therapies and speed time to market, and deliver personalized clinical interventions to improve patient outcomes. For more information, please visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.