SMK Electronics to Showcase Advanced Energy Harvesting Technology, Including a New Gen 2 SCPS Bluetooth® Ambient Sensor, at CES 2023

SMK Electronics Corporation, U.S.A. today announced that it will showcase several new additions to its Energy Harvesting Technology at CES 2023. New solutions from SMK’s SCPS Bluetooth® Ambient Sensor, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in 2021, include wireless power transmission and the utilization of solar or ambient light to provide energy for the powering of devices.

Additionally, SMK will be showcasing its advanced Gen 2 SCPS Bluetooth® Ambient Sensor and Gen 2 Rectenna Sheet in its passive Energy Harvesting presentation at CES 2023 (Booth #52360 Venetian Expo, January 5th-8th, 2023, Las Vegas).

“With recent advancements in extreme low power micro-controllers, the time is right for utilization of SMK's Energy Harvesting Technology,” said Paul Evans, President of SMK Electronics Corporation, U.S.A. “Creating a new class of IoT and remote control devices, products utilizing SMK’s Energy Harvesting may either feature significantly extended battery life, or bypass the use of batteries all together."

“In presenting our new Energy Technology, SMK will be demonstrating the harvesting of microwave type energy to power IoT devices,” added Mr. Evans, “displaying the amount of energy gathered, together with that received by the device. Additionally, we’ll be demonstrating a new ambient light harvesting remote control – an input device designed to mitigate or eliminate the use of batteries.”

SMK’s Gen 2 SCPS Bluetooth® Ambient Sensor

The next generation of SMK’s award-winning SCPS Sensor, the Gen 2 SCPS Sensor, collects ambient information such as temperature, humidity, luminance, CO2, air pressure, accelerometer, and ambient sound. The Gen 2 SCPS Sensor (a completely battery free device) can transmit that information via Bluetooth to an e-paper display with its own self-contained power source.

About SMK Electronics

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