Bluon and XOi Integrate Unique HVAC Service Apps

Bluon, Inc. and XOi, two innovative software companies focused on bringing productivity gains to HVAC contractors and specifically their service technicians, announce a partnership that will enable technicians to streamline critical workflows, including purchasing parts and materials from local distributors.

Integrating Bluon’s support and e-commerce platform into XOi’s digital system of record for the HVAC industry keeps technicians on the job and reduces the time and effort spent to identify, select, purchase and pick up parts — tasks that cost technicians and contractors valuable hours each day.

Combined with Bluon’s live tracking delivery system and rapidly growing nationwide network of distributors, XOi’s best-in-class data capture powerfully enhances the field service technology ecosystem for Bluon users.

“This partnership brings immediate and substantial value to our many shared users,” said Peter Capuciati, Bluon’s CEO. “It’s very exciting to be collaborating with the XOi team, which shares our passion to support HVAC service technicians and genuinely make their lives better.”

The integration equips service technicians to easily identify, order and receive delivery of any part from Bluon’s brand-agnostic network of more than 2,100 distributors across the United States. The unprecedented ordering and delivery of essential parts from the jobsite allows techs to focus on the job at hand and make the most of their valuable skills.

“Providing technicians with enhanced solutions for identifying, ordering and acquiring the parts they need on the job is increasingly important for the field service ecosystem,” said Aaron Salow, founder and CEO of XOi. “We recognize the growing impact of parts solutions in our industry, and we’re committed to ongoing strategic investments with innovative platforms, like Bluon, that ensure we remain the leading end-to-end digital tool our customers need.”

XOi’s advanced cloud-based solution allows field service technicians to utilize, aggregate and analyze critical job data and maximize customer value through industry-leading efficiency, accuracy and accountability. XOi’s integration with Bluon allows XOi to close the loop by connecting specific job information and related data with specific part identification and acquisition, enabling users to gain a comprehensive and complete data set for each job.

About XOi, Inc.

XOi Technologies, the leading provider of technician-first smart technology for commercial and residential field service companies, delivers innovative artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower field service teams to drive productivity, elevate customer experience and help close the skilled labor gap. Developed to meet the unique challenges of an industry traditionally underserved by technology, XOi equips field service professionals with groundbreaking technician-enablement tools, including remote support, visual documentation, immediate on-the-job insights and training resources, asset and team management functions, and a comprehensive knowledge base leveraging data from current and historical projects. With a proven record of innovation and demonstrated commitment to the hard-working men and women in the field service industries, XOi has distinguished itself as a pioneer in technician-focused solutions that bring efficiency, transparency, and expertise to every jobsite. For more information about XOi, visit

About Bluon

Bluon offers something truly unique to the $150 billion HVAC industry, providing support and an e-commerce platform to increase the productivity and efficiency of 165,000 HVAC technicians and thousands of brick-and-mortar distributors. With Bluon, techs finally have a single source that is brand-agnostic for: community interaction, equipment documentation, live 24/7 tech support and for acquiring parts and materials from their local distributor — saving contractors hours daily and increasing the profitability of their business. Now, Bluon is supporting distributors with the industry’s most comprehensive parts and equipment database enabling next-generation cross reference capabilities while connecting them directly to Bluon’s 165,000 member technicians through Bluon’s network and platform. By streamlining how contractors and their technicians communicate and transact with their local distributors, Bluon dramatically increases the efficiency for both parties. Ultimately, Bluon allows distributors to serve more customers faster while handling more orders with less effort. Bluon makes navigating the complex world of servicing HVAC equipment much easier for techs and distributors alike with a real solution to the skilled labor gap that weighs heavily on the HVAC industry. For more information about Bluon, visit