Micropsi Industries’ AI-Powered Robot Controller Is Now Hardware Agnostic

Micropsi Industries’ artificial intelligence-powered robot control software MIRAI, which helps automate complex tasks too difficult or costly to automate with traditional programming, will soon be accessible for all robot users. Previously compatible exclusively with Universal Robots and FANUC robots, MIRAI will be available for KUKA robots in early Q4, followed by other collaborative robots (cobots) and industrial robots as requested.

Using AI, MIRAI generates robot movements directly and in real time. Robot skills (or specific tasks) are trained, not programmed, in a few days through human demonstration, without users needing programming or AI knowledge. To start, the robot is repeatedly shown both a task and the environment with the help of a camera that is typically mounted on the robot’s wrist. The recorded movements are then transformed into a skill capable of handling variances and dynamic environmental conditions.

"Our new integration with KUKA expands the number of users who can use MIRAI to automate applications that were previously not feasible or cost-effective to automate such as cable insertion, gear picking or leak testing," said Prof. Dominik Bösl, CTO of Micropsi Industries. "And this is just the beginning as we continue to push the boundaries of automation. By making MIRAI available to all automation professionals, regardless of the robot platform they prefer, they can create flexible and high-performing robotic movement without the need for expensive and difficult coding."

KUKA leaders recognize benefits MIRAI offers. “With innovative technologies like MIRAI, our customers benefit from even more versatility to automate applications they couldn't automate before," said Christian Felkel, vice president of Industry Management Electronics at KUKA. “With MIRAI, they can now automate these applications much faster and more affordably than possible with other programming.”

Collaboration with integration software partner expands MIRAI offering
To become vendor agnostic, Micropsi Industries partnered with integration software company voraus robotik. With this collaboration, MIRAI will essentially enable all 6-axis robots and other kinematics, including cobots and industrial robots, to handle variances and dynamic environmental conditions such as light changes, oil and rust. Micropsi Industries' customers such as ZF, Siemens Energy, and BSH Hausgeräte have already solved complex automation tasks with MIRAI.

Robot users also benefit from a user-friendly no-code programming interface and an integrated development environment for individual extensions. Customers requesting MIRAI-controlled solutions for specific robots they prefer can expect to receive the systems within a few weeks.

"By combining Micropsi Industries' AI-powered control system with our agnostic integration with any robot, automating dynamic production environments will no longer pose a challenge,” said Dr. Jens Kotlarski, founder and CEO of voraus robotik. “We have found a strong partner in Micropsi Industries to take robotics and automation to the next level together."

Preview MIRAI-controlled KUKA robot at Automatica June 27-30
At Automatica in Munich this week, visitors to the Micropsi Industries booth (Hall B4 Booth 401) can see a preview of how a MIRAI-controlled KUKA robot successfully handles the demanding industrial process of inserting industrial connectors into outlets, one of myriad complex automation tasks that are too difficult or costly to automate with traditional programming.

About Micropsi Industries
Micropsi Industries provides artificial intelligence-powered software for industrial and collaborative robots (cobots). MIRAI, its flagship product, allows these robotic arms to be controlled in real time, in direct response to sensor information. This is made possible by AI that enables the robots to learn from humans and deal with variances so they can more easily and cost-effectively operate in dynamic environments. With offices in Berlin and San Francisco, Micropsi Industries is working to make task-specific machine learning a reality in industrial automation. The company’s vision is to reliably automate work processes while reducing the effort required. Learn more at https://www.micropsi-industries.com