East Daley Analytics Streamlines Energy Data Studio Platform for Unmatched Energy Value Chain Analytics

East Daley Analytics today announced the availability of its next generation Energy Data Studio (EDS) platform for accessing historical, current, and forecasted data and offering unparalleled data functionality and visuals for seamless energy analytics. It allows users to navigate detailed visual dashboards by region, pipeline, or individual asset to understand the dynamics of natural gas, crude, natural gas liquids (NGLs) as well as midstream company financials at the most granular level and adapt quickly to industry fluctuations.

Energy Data Studio leverages East Daley’s proprietary U.S. energy infrastructure asset database to help users identify, understand, and monitor operational risk at the asset-level based on historical, current, and forecasted data. It offers a user-friendly experience for extracting valuable insights from the data through four product types: Natural Gas, Crude, NGLs, and Midstream Company Financials.

  • Natural Gas
    EDS provides unparalleled functionality and visuals for natural gas analytics through weekly, monthly, and quarterly natural gas outlooks that analyze natural gas supply and demand by sub-basin connecting natural gas production data to specific plants, G&P systems, and pipelines. It also triangulates multiple federal, state, and commercial data sets along with independent models to confirm data irregularities or fill gaps.
  • Crude
    The EDS platform can be used to determine true constraints on crude supply by forecasting pipeline utilization and effective capacities across the U.S. Users can use potential constraints on other commodities, such as oil, gas, and NGLs, to develop more accurate expectations for crude markets and use guidance from midstream and upstream crude oil companies, including financial expectations, for better crude oil forecasts.
  • NGLs
    East Daley follows the chain of NGLs from wellhead to fractionation hubs, generating market forecasts and asset-specific insights, and anticipating constraints and shifts in supply dynamics. EDS integrates NGL forecasts into balanced hub-to-hub NGL pipeline network models and can forecast pipeline utilization and effective capacities for NGLs to determine true constraints.
  • Midstream Company Financials
    User can access an extensive range of historical and real-time data including aggregate FERC, RRC, and other state and federal data across 1,000+ midstream assets. EDS provides a deep dive into the producers behind midstream assets, forecasts behind assets, rates behind assets, and competitive dynamics. Using oil and gas volumes to understand company financials and company financials to understand volumes, it provides data on midstream oil and gas assets with full transparency.

In addition to these product types, East Daley has introduced a new Prototypes feature. This new and exciting feature will allow clients to utilize and offer feedback to visual prototypes before they go live. It will also allow clients to offer advice on what visual (test case) they would like to see in the future.

“Our mission is, and always has been, to drive transparency for energy markets and empower our customers with the tools they need to make informed, data-driven energy decisions,” said Justin Carlson, Chief Commercial Officer, and Co-Founder of East Daley Analytics. “With today’s rapidly changing markets, there is growing demand for accurate, reliable, and real-time data. We’re excited to deliver this new Energy Data Studio platform to help our customers amplify their analytics efforts and more easily and rapidly navigate the energy value chain.”

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About East Daley Analytics, Inc.

East Daley Analytics specializes in dissecting the energy value chain to drive transparency. The company has built the largest U.S. energy asset database to cash flow to help identify which assets are most important and isolate their operational value. It can help with the heavy lifting by providing access to capital and commodity market experts through both subscription and consulting services. For more information visit, https://www.eastdaley.com.