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QUADCARBON S.A.S., is a company involved in activities related to the development of new materials, reinforced plastics or composite materials, such as reinforced carbon fibres, glass and aramid fibres and resins.

The Company is engaged in the import and marketing of raw materials for the general industry, namely the defence and aviation, the maritime, the wind and energy, and the automotive sectors.

QUADCARBON S.A.S. has established strategic alliances with major companies in the sector, namely Hexcel, a leading supplier of advanced material solutions, namely carbon fibre, reinforcement fabrics, pre-impregnated materials, honeycomb core and tooling materials, as well as with Airtech Advanced Materials Group, a world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging composites, resin infusion products and tooling materials.


Backed by the best known manufacturers and distributors of composite materials, QUADCARBON S.A.S.’ mission is to strengthen and consolidate the use of advanced materials in different sectors of the Colombian industry.


QUADCARBON S.A.S.’ vision is to be a leader in the commercialization of composite materials in Colombia and the provision of training and technical assistance services in different industrial projects at a national and international level, with a broad portfolio that includes a wide range of products made of composite materials to support the country's productive chain.


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Juan Camilo Diaz
+57 318 795 6098
General Manager
Calle 145 #58-35 T2 of 603, Bogota, Colombia

Composite Materials Services

QUADCARBON S.A.S. offers a wide variety of services to its customers, among which are:

• Consulting on the adequacy of laboratories for working with composite materials,
• Provision of moulds,
• Engineering design of composite products.

Aeronautical Services

Thanks to its strategic alliances with workshops specialized in composite materials, QUADCARBON S.A.S. can provide certified services such as:

• Repair of structures
• Repair of propellers
• Manufacture of parts
• Consulting services on repair processes
• Preventive maintenance
• Inspection of composites structures

Carbon Fibre

QUADCARBON manufactures carbon fibre of the following types:

QCC15P: weight: 136 g/m2, thickness: 0.15 mm. This is a specialized material for structures and parts where the strength/weight ratio is a critical design factor.

QCC3P: weight: 300g/m2, thickness: 0,3 mm. Highly used in the manufacture of parts due to its easy-handling and stability.

QCC35UD: weight: 200g/m2, thickness: 0.35 mm. An unidirectional fabric that guarantees an efficient design.

QCC3T22: weight: 300 g/m2, thickness: 0.3 mm. Twill fabric is a material that is perfectly adaptable to all corners and edges, providing high resistance where needed.

Kevlar® 29

QUADCARBON manufactures Kevlar® fabric of the following types:

QCK37P: weight: 267 g/m2. This type of Kevlar® fabric is mostly used in the manufacture of parts due to its easy-handling and stability.

QCK2P: weight: 209 g/m2. When protection combined with low weight is required, this high density Kevlar® is the most appropriate.

QCK25P: weight: 185 g/m2. This Kevlar® woven fabric is the lightest of all types, due to its low density.

QCK4P: weight: 461 g/m2. This heavy-duty Kevlar® is extensively used in the production of bulletproof vests.

Fibreglass and Special Fibres

QUADCARBON manufactures fibreglass and special fibres of the following types:

QCMAT 600: MAT fibreglass that weighs 600 grams per square meter, ideal for rugged work.

QCGV24P-C: fibreglass fabric that weighs 260 grams per square meter.

QCGV15P: the lightest commercial fibreglass, that weighs 180 grams per square meter.

Special Fibres:

QCCK3P: this fibre combines the extraordinary properties of Kevlar® with the low weight and the high strength of carbon fibres.

Composite Materials for the Aviation Sector

Thanks to its strategic alliances, QUADCARBON S.A.S. distributes the most advanced reinforced carbon to the most recognized aerospace companies, such as Boeing, Sikorsky, Gulfstream, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Airbus, Embraer and Aerospatiale, among others.

For applications in the aerospace sector, the Company distributes fibre products of the brand Hexcel which are known for their high quality and efficiency. The products’ list includes a wide range of materials such as carbon fibre, Kevlar® and fibreglass.

Reinforced Materials:

• HexForce® Carbon Fiber
• Hexforce® Fiberglass
• Hexforce® Kevlar 49

Resins and Adhesives:

• Interior and exterior surface finishes for aircraft
• Hysol EA956 low viscosity epoxy for repair and laminating purposes
• Hysol EA9309.3 ideal for metal joints and honeycombs
• Hysol EA934 high strength epoxy adhesive used in metal gaskets,
• EPON828 / EPICURE3223 epoxy resin and hardener
• 2K.06 AF163 adhesive


• Self-extinguishing plastic vacuum resistant to temperatures up to 200°C
• Vacuum belt resistant to temperatures up to 200°C
• Non-perforated fiberglass fabric
• Fiberglass fabric coated with Teflon

Tools & Equipment:

• Venturi vacuum generators
• Vacuum bag connectors with check valve
• Special scissors 12”, made of stainless steel ideal for KEVLAR® fabrics
• Special scissors for composite materials
• Heat blankets

Vacuum Bagging Systems

QUADCARBON manufactures vacuum bagging components, such as:

DVR 280: high vacuum pump, ideal for moderate work in places with 3 to 6 workstations that need to generate vacuum simultaneously.

DVR 30: light duty vacuum pump for 1 or 2 workstations operating simultaneously. Low maintenance required.

QCSTAPE: 12.7 mm wide tape for sealing the vacuum system. It is ideal for surfaces made of wood, aluminium, steel, glass and generally all smooth surfaces.

QCVBAG: nylon film, resistant to all materials (polyester, vinylester and epoxy), very good temperature resistance.

QCRFILM: this film is compatible with all resins.

QCPPLY: peel-ply film, coated with a thin layer of silicone.

QDVV399: this vacuum connector is made of a check valve and a connector which maintains proper vacuum, even when the generator is not running.


QUADCARBON offers a variety of tools for composite materials, such as:

QCHGUN: high heat gun, with a temperature range of up to 630°C.

Brushes: The Company offers a variety of brushes that serve the needs of different customers.

QCRODAJA: This is the right tool for shaping the small, narrow edges of carbon fibres.

Rollers: Specialized tools for resin mixtures.

QCCN: Pneumatic wedges.




Quadcarbon S.A.S.

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