Joule Case Launches Energy Services Division to Expand Paths to Emissions Free

Joule Case today announced the launch of its Energy Services division to empower organizations transitioning to emissions-free energy solutions. The company’s new leasing options give organizations greater control and flexibility, from cost to deployment to future-proofing against volatile energy costs and shifting technologies.

“The path to electrification should be equitable and accessible. We believe there is a better, easier, way to do so. Our flexible leasing options allow organizations to adopt or transition to emissions-free energy expeditiously,” said Erica Pacold, Managing Director of Joule Case Energy Services. “Our leasing options enable enterprise customers to minimize risk, and scale energy needs as demand grows. Without a large CapEx investment, our customers are able to budget energy needs as they would other OpEx expenditures and enjoy Joule Case systems, deployed in as little as 90 days.”

Beyond the inherent flexibility offered by its products, Joule Case leasing options enable organizations to adapt to new technologies within more traditional operating expense and budgeting models. The company is actively working with cities to electrify fleet and public transportation by applying the GSA mileage reimbursement model, for example.

The core of Joule Case’s commercial leasing solutions consist of two main products in the Enterprise line. Both reflect the customization capabilities to meet and exceed incredible energy demands, with little to no infrastructure.

Atlas is a future-proof energy storage system and EV charging solution with DC/DC bidirectional converters that allows a single unit to immediately provide Level 3 DC Fast Charging for multiple vehicles, independent of the grid. Multiple Atlas units can be combined together to provide Megawatt-scale DC Fast Charging to electrify heavy-duty, long-haul and metro fleet vehicles by delivering power that our grid cannot supply today.

Zeus is an energy storage and power inverter system designed to replace the largest diesel generators, whether they're used in heavy industry or at temporary sites like music festivals. Zeus provides grid-scale power wherever it is needed, from remote worksites to local utility substations. In minutes, power equivalent to a substation can be placed at a site, connected, and endlessly supplied with swappable Atlas battery modules.

Both configurations can scale up to 8,000kWh of energy per node, equivalent to the power output of 12 Tesla superchargers.

“Our energy services division is already opening doors to new markets, use cases and companies that provide an immediate benefit to our business,” said James Wagoner, CEO of Joule Case. “We are constantly finding new opportunities to meet customers where they are, which serves us well as we expand access to more consistent income streams and inventory from our leasing efforts."

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