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Dahana, is an Indonesian State-Owned company in the field of strategic industry offering integrated explosives services for Oil & Gas, General Mining and Quarry, Construction and defence sectors. Having experienced more than 40 years and supported by complete facilities, the latest technology and the best human resources.

Besides having three line of business; Explosives manufacturing, Drilling & Blasting and Related Services, Dahana serves three segmentation of business: the first, General Mining Division giving the services for General Mining sector such as coal, gold and nickel; the second, Quarry & Construction Division serving the quarry mining segment for instance the Andesite, cement, Granite quarry, and also construction purposes for example the development of tunnel, highway, port, and electricity installation; the third, Oil & Gas Division for servicing the sector of Oil & Gas by offering perforation and seismic explosives services including other related services e.g. the explosives mobilization and licensing.

To hold up the whole services, Dahana is supported with the production facilities which are located in Tasikmalaya, Subang, Karimun, and also the production facilities which are placed at Dahana’s sites for example On Site Plant (OSP), ANFO Truck, MMU, Drilling Tools and Light Vihicle. Dahana also affords the magazine facilities which are adequate to keep the explosives functions. The performance of Dahana in the operational sector is proven through ISO and OHSAS certification besides well integrated of quality, safety and environmental programs.

The history of Dahana as a pioneer in this industry started with the project of Menang of Air Force of the Republic of Indonesia (AURI) in 1966 in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Having been made official to become Dahana General Company based on the Government Regulation No. 36/1973, it was later on stated as a State-Owned Company (Persero) in 1991.

Dahana has been put to a test and proven to be capable of providing excellent integrated explosive and blasting services for various purposes and conditions, including bench blasting, trench blasting dan underwater blasting, which are fairly complicated. DAHANA is capable of handling comprehensive blasting process from design, calculation, drill hole preparation, blasting configuration, explosive supply, blasting execution, to operational security.

Dahana has successfully established Cartridge Emulsion Plant, ANFO, Electric and Non-electric Detonator Plant, Ammonium NitrateSolution Plant and Booster Plant, as well as owning a bonded magazine and On-site Plant warehouse, an emulsion plant in numerous mining locations. In 2012, DAHANA completed the establishment of the largest development and manufacturing facilities in ASEAN, which is named Energetic Material Center (EMC) located in Subang, Jawa Barat.


  • Energetic Material Center, Jl. Raya Subang, Cikamurang, Km. 12, Subang , 41285, Cibogo, Indonesia
  • +6226 0742 3333
  • +6226 0742 3888
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