Klauer Manufacturing Company’s Prestige Steel Siding Gives Houses a “Woodsy” Feeling

Klauer Manufacturing Company, an innovator in the steel siding industry, offers the perfect finish that provides exceptional attention to detail on the exterior of homes.

Klauer Prestige steel siding is an exclusive two-tone paint system that replicates the subtle woodgrain of cedar, while ensuring resistance to the elements. Its super-durable polyester resins provide superior resistance to chalking, fading and environmental weathering.

“What we find most fascinating about the Prestige steel siding is that it truly recreates nature’s colors and textures, which is a trend we’ve been seeing lately with homeowners,” said Michael Igo, Vice President of Klauer Manufacturing. “The natural colors are easy to mix and match and the earth tones blend well with the scenery of your home’s landscaping. Not only does Prestige’s aesthetic mimic the look of natural materials, but it has durability and longevity.”

Klauer Prestige steel siding’s custom-designed, woodgrain-print overlay enriches and adds depth to the company’s modern, real wood look and top-of-the-line finish. It has excellent corrosion protection, and the final clear coat application adds superior protection against scratches, dirt retention and staining. The color palate consists of five two-tone shades that create the look of naturally stained wood, allowing customers to choose the perfect match for any project or endeavor.

“Our customers deserve the best and with this product, we are delivering on our promise to provide them with superior quality siding materials that will stand the test of time,” said Igo.

For more information on Klauer Manufacturing Company and its Prestige steel siding finish, call 563-582-7201 or visit: https://klauer.com/.

About Klauer Manufacturing Company

Located in Dubuque, IA, Klauer manufactures residential roofing accessories, steel siding, soffit, fascia and rainware as well as metal building panels and components for the agricultural and light commercial building markets.