Tractian Sponsors Documentary Film 'Unturning Steel' Highlighting Veterans in Manufacturing

Tractian, a leader in innovative hardware and software solutions for US manufacturers, proudly announces its official Title Sponsorship of "Unturning Steel," an upcoming documentary that explores the challenges and triumphs of military veterans finding their place in American manufacturing.

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A Documentary Film Made in America (Photo: Business Wire)

A Documentary Film Made in America (Photo: Business Wire)

"Unturning Steel" will be released this coming Spring. The official teaser trailer can be found here.

"Unturning Steel" is a compelling documentary that follows the journey of Bill Leahy, a dedicated individual who is determined to provide service members with a meaningful path forward after returning home from their military service. In the wake of personal tragedy, Bill embarks on a quest to help his fellow veterans harness their unique talents and skills within the American manufacturing sector. In partnership with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Bill has created a groundbreaking initiative designed to offer veterans the necessary support and training to rediscover their purpose within the manufacturing industry.

In a society where both veterans and manufacturers often face insufficient support, "Unturning Steel" delves into the challenges and opportunities that arise as American manufacturing experiences a resurgence in the 21st century.

Bill Leahy, the Subject and Executive Producer of "Unturning Steel," shares his inspiration for the film: "After my brother's funeral, I had a conversation with his dear friend, a Navy SEAL, who inspired me with the phrase 'Turning Steel,' which is what they shout on the radio before breaching their target with explosives. This led me to name the film 'Unturning Steel' because our mission of helping veterans find their place in American manufacturing is an arduous task. We are committed to the challenging work of providing veterans with the training and purpose they need to revitalize American manufacturing."

Tractian, as the official title sponsor of "Unturning Steel," shares a deep passion for advancing the 'MADE IN AMERICA' promise and for supporting the integration of veterans into the manufacturing community. "Unturning Steel" is a powerful testament to the resilience, dedication, and potential of veterans in the manufacturing sector. Tractian is honored to be a part of this inspiring journey and looks forward to the positive impact this documentary will have on veterans, manufacturers, and the broader community.

Amidst escalating pressures from China's advances in the US manufacturing sector, there is an emerging and critical discourse focusing on the potential role of veterans in revitalizing this key industry. As these veterans seek to reposition themselves in the civilian workforce, their unique skills, discipline, and resilience might just be the catalytic force needed to save and reinvigorate US manufacturing. This situation raises a pertinent question: Could veterans be the answer to not only sustaining but also boosting the competitiveness of the US manufacturing landscape in the global arena?