Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Publishes 2023 Sustainability Report

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Corporation (NYSE: ZWS) today published its 2023 Sustainability Report, which outlines how the pure-play water company continues to advance its sustainability initiatives. Zurn Elkay’s role as a water steward is especially critical today—as the world contends with water-related crises from flooding and droughts to pollution, biodiversity loss and aging infrastructure that can contaminate water supplies.

The Zurn Elkay 2023 Sustainability Report highlights progress against nearly two dozen existing timebound targets focused on improving supplier diversity, air emissions, waste reduction, plastic bottle elimination, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, employee engagement and much more. In addition, the company establishes new targets for air emissions, employee training and waste reduction to provide even greater transparency and accountability. Zurn Elkay also expanded its disclosures this year with the inclusion of additional material Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) key performance indicators, an expanded Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) index and a detailed ESG Performance Data Index presenting three years of data where available.

“Sustainability is inherently linked to our business, and no discussion of sustainability is complete without addressing how we will protect, conserve and manage clean water,” said Todd A. Adams, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Chairman and CEO. “This report demonstrates how sustainability and water are fundamental to our business strategy, our people and our communities. Our focus is guided by our commitment to simply Do the Right Thing.”

Central to this year’s report is a section dedicated to how Zurn Elkay’s products help its customers meet their own sustainability goals while making water safer and more sustainable in venues visited by millions of people every day – airports, arenas, hospitals, office buildings, college campuses and schools. Notably, the company’s Elkay filtered bottle-filling stations, water fountains and faucets are certified to reduce both lead and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) compounds, two of the most prevalent per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) chemicals, also known as forever chemicals.

Product Donations Help Provide Safer Drinking Water for School Children

Zurn Elkay’s support of communities is integral to its overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy. During 2023, Zurn Elkay donated $7.7 million in cash or product donations and employees volunteered 5,366 hours. To address lead in drinking water head-on, Zurn Elkay’s Fountains for Youth program focuses on donating filtered bottle filling stations, water fountains, faucets and filters to school districts in areas where lead levels are high and resources are low. In 2023, Zurn Elkay donated 5,732 products including filling stations, filters, faucets, flush valves and other accessories to 10 school systems.

To learn more about Zurn Elkay’s 2023 ESG efforts and ongoing strategy, review the Zurn Elkay Water Solutions 2023 Sustainability Report, as well as the company’s Sustainability website.

About Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Named one of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2024 by Newsweek for the fourth consecutive year, Zurn Elkay Water Solutions is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, and is a growth-oriented, pure-play water business that designs, procures, manufactures and markets what we believe is the broadest sustainable product portfolio of solutions to improve health, hydration, human safety and the environment. The Zurn Elkay product portfolio includes professional grade water control and safety, water distribution and drainage, drinking water, finish plumbing, hygienic, environmental and site works products for public and private spaces. Visit www.zurnelkay.com for additional information about the company.