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Magna BSP, is an Israeli security company that specializes in video analytics on the defense and HLS market. Magna developed a unique system based on 3D cameras and sophisticated algorithm that promises over 99% detection rate and only 1 to 24 hour false alarm rate, to avoid these common incidents.

Magna uses the same principle as a human body – two eyes and a brain.

Among the system’s abilities are: distinction between people and animals, pre-alerts by suspicious movements, an automatically learning system, high filtering ability and more.

Magna system is also cost effective in terms of power supply, systems integration, equipment and maintenance.

 The technology is patent saved and well known in sensitive sites as nuclear plants, airports, borders etc., around the world and can integrate with other systems.

Magna's Concept

Magna began as a start-up company and developed a passive electro optic radar based on stereoscopic vision with the ability of detecting various targets, 24/7, in all weather conditions (up to standard performance deterioration).

Magna system enables detecting, tracking and monitoring various targets in a predefined field of view, measuring their location, distance, size, 3D vector, elevation and azimuth, in order to determine the level and type of the threat they pose.

This task is performed with a very low false alarm rate (as compared to similar systems). A basic scanning and / or staring system is composed of two cameras that use thermal imaging technology in order to detect any intruder or predefined targets in the field of view.

The video signals from the two cameras are further computer processed with software developed at Magna. The outputs of the company’s algorithms are target detection and location on a panorama view and on an air map, target's parameters evaluation such like: distance evaluation, target size evaluation, azimuth, velocity, etc.

The system’s features include ultra-low False Alarm Rate, a high probability of detection, various user defined filters in order to remove nuisances, and select specific targets, and target's parameters evaluation.

Magna’s innovative Passive Electro-optical Radar System is applicable to numerous areas of Homeland Defense and others including perimeter control, facilities protection, border security, coastal defense, aircraft detection and even bird’s detection at airports runways.

Magna’s Passive Electro-optical Radar System exploits the use of inexpensive cameras and PC hardware and software that greatly reduces system’s costs.

Lastly, Magna entered new projects regarding nuclear reactors in some sensitive facilities around the world.

Magna BSP - Pictures

Static System

QHAWK  - Quadroscopic System

The product consists of two micro-bolometric cameras (uncooled FLIR cameras) incorporated into an observation unit which can be operated in scanning or staring mode, together with two CCD day cameras.

The software automatically selects the best channel for optimal performance.

System features:
• A virtual wall that is capable to seal a desired region, regardless of an existing fence.
• The system includes four cameras.
• Day and night high detection abilities.
• Fully passive with tracking abilities.
• Works under various weather conditions.

Command and Control System

The Magna passive electro-optic radars may be operated as stand-alone units, or as a networked system, where the various video signals are conducted and fed into a control unit.

This control unit feeds and manages video inputs, detection signals, alarms and messages originated in IP cameras, and each such unit can feed up to 32 different cameras.

Each camera video stream can be displayed and controlled separately. Video can be viewed live or recorded, when recordings are saved to local archives.

The video signals are transmitted via encoders, connected to the local network. The control unit software enables users to follow simultaneously several events, manually or automatically, record and retrieve data for further analysis.

Access to recorded archives is easy and intuitive.

The control unit main parts:
1. Graphical site map managing.
2. Video window setting.
3. Log file for event reports.
4. Video archive for retrieving.

Among the control unit various features:
1. Targets tracking.
2. Event log file.
3. History reports.
4. Different signals to each event.
5. Hierarchical passwords: allowing various levels of authorization.
6. Jumping item when event is occurring.
7. Voice recording.
8. Setting times by user for event duration and symbols emaining.
9. Adding text messages.

Field Deployable System

One-man-operated passive electro-optic radar.

The smallest stereoscopic electro-optic system in the world.

Detects and recognizes targets on a real-time basis.

Negligible false alarm rate.

• One man installation.
• Deployed within 15 minutes at any field.
• The system is fully passive with tracking abilities.
• Works under various weather conditions.

Magna BSP

  • D.N Arava, 86800, Rotem Industrial Park, Israel
  • +972 8 655 2668 
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