Fincantieri and the Alexandria shipyard: MOU signed at the DIMDEX in DOHA

March 6, 2024 - Fincantieri and the Alexandria (Egypt) shipyard signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Doha.

The MOU is aimed at setting out the principles for discussions which will mainly focus on investigating new opportunities with the Alexandria Shipyard for new vessels to be built by the Alexandria Shipyard or other facilities, to be mutually agreed. The collaboration will focus on possible new Programs for the Egyptian Navy of any type of vessel of interest.

The signing between the General Manager of the Naval Vessels Division of Fincantieri, Dario Deste, and the R. Admiral Hossam El-Din Ezzat Kotb, Chairman and CEO, on behalf of Alexandria Shipyard, took place at the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX).

The Alexandria Shipyard has a long track record in the field of military and commercial shipbuilding industries by building modern corvettes for the Egyptian Navy. It builds various types and sizes of multipurpose vessels, offshore oil rigs and oil platforms.

Both Fincantieri and the Alexandria Shipyard are looking for new joint businesses opportunities and to be awarded a contract, by a prospective customer, for the supply of any type of vessel of interest, to be agreed upon between them.


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