Knowmadics Awarded an Other Transaction Agreement by US Special Operations Command to Develop and Deliver Technology Innovations Designed to Secure Space and Terrestrial Operations

Knowmadics—a leading provider of innovative, secure, and adaptive technology solutions—today announced the award of an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) by US Special Operations Command. This OTA is designed to advance SOF-peculiar innovations within space, cyber, and traditional domains. It will also catalyze job creation in the greater Wichita area.

Securing this OTA reflects Knowmadics’ unwavering commitment to lead industry into emerging technological frontiers. Founded in 2013, with the goal of providing the United States with favorable advantages against all threats, Knowmadics will lead initiatives aimed at advancing space security, protecting against any vulnerabilities and propelling multi-domain advantages. Through strategic partnerships and continued investments in research and development, Knowmadics will deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of today and anticipate the demands of tomorrow.

Senator Jerry Moran, the senior member of the Kansas delegation, was instrumental in securing Knowmadics commitments to Wichita. "Protecting our nation from growing threats abroad will require cutting-edge technology in new areas of warfare, particularly cyber and space,” said Sen. Moran. “Knowmadics has an important role to play in supporting our warfighters, and this partnership with the Special Operations Command is a testament to the talent and capabilities of Knowmadics and the great work being done in Wichita.”

"This selection is a pivotal moment in Knowmadics’ journey, and we are excited by the opportunity that it affords our company," said Paul Maguire, CEO, and Co-Founder of Knowmadics. "The OTA provides tremendous potential for growth and is the result of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. We are thrilled and humbled to contribute to the understanding and advancement of secure operations in space, and terrestrial-based IoT security. The implications of this agreement extend far beyond Knowmadics' Cyber Center of Excellence located at Groover Labs. By harnessing the power of the workforce resources in Wichita, we are confident that we can make meaningful contributions to space, global security, and reduce any vulnerabilities—ultimately addressing the gaps in today’s Zero Trust approach.”

About Knowmadics, Inc.

Knowmadics solves complex operational challenges through innovative end-to-end solutions that deliver complete security awareness, full continuum duty of care and enhanced process efficiencies. Combining a scalable automated software platform, elite operational support, proactive cyber assessments and a continuous innovation program, they enable predictable, optimized situational response that fosters enterprise trust. Knowmadics is based in Herndon, Va.