New Survey From Propel Software Confirms Trend That Americans Are Severing Relationships With Companies That Aren’t Prioritizing Sustainability

In a new survey, Propel Software, creators of the first product value management (PVM) platform, found that 55% of Americans would “break up” with a brand if they discovered it wasn’t eco-friendly.

The survey, commissioned by Propel and conducted by OnePoll, discovered 68% of adult males and 55% of adult females say eco-friendly products or causes are important when they make purchasing decisions. It also found that 44% feel more emotionally invested in companies that follow/demonstrate sustainable business practices.

The poll of 2,000 U.S. adults revealed that Americans will spend 33% more on green products in 2024 than in 2023. Consumers plan to spend an average of $12,000 on eco-friendly products this year, up from the reported $9,000 in the past year on sustainable products including electric cars, household cleaners, small and large electronics, and appliances.

In terms of where consumers look to find eco-friendly claim information, the survey found 47% of consumers look at product packaging, 35% are searching on brands’ websites, and 21% rely on advertisements.

“Transparency is important to consumers, and brands should take note if they want customers to continue to be brand loyal. The majority of respondents (65%) say they will look for environmental claims when making a purchase,” said Ross Meyercord, CEO of Propel Software. “Today’s consumers are savvy and not easily tricked, as 42% said they can tell when a company is trying to ‘greenwash’ what they do.”

In fact, 45% of U.S. consumers reported if they discovered a favorite brand was “greenwashing” products, i.e., making misleading claims about a company’s eco-friendly status, they would likely purchase from an eco-friendly competitor instead.

When looking at sustainability through a political lens, 73% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans said it was important to buy eco-friendly products or support eco-friendly causes.

“Data shows consumers, regardless of political affiliation, are putting their hard-earned money towards brands and products that elevate environmental causes,” said Meyercord. “And, those brands that accurately communicate their environmental practices to consumers are being rewarded with loyal customers that are spending more with them. Green companies partnering with green consumers makes for a happy, healthy planet.”

Propel’s PVM platform is instrumental in helping companies maintain, track, and market sustainability efforts by managing the value chain in one shared product record. With contextual collaboration among R&D, engineers, sales, and marketing teams, every product touchpoint is able to capture and share sustainability practices, efforts, and claims across the business.

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Static and animated survey infographics are available for review and download here.

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