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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Training & Simulation
  • Weapons & Ammunition

KONGSBERG DEFENCE SYSTEMS, is Norway's premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems. The portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles. Kongsberg Defence Systems also makes advanced composites and engineering products for the aircraft and helicopter market. Kongsberg Defence Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of KONGSBERG.

Market Segment:

  • Command and weapons control systems: Different types of command and control systems for land- air- and sea-based defence
  • Surveillance systems: Maritime and land-based surveillance systems for civilian, military and other public intstallations
  • Communications solutions: Different types of tactical radio and communications system, predominantly developed and delivered for land based defence
  • Anti-ship missiles: Penguin anti-ship missiles and the new NSM (Naval Strike Missile)

Contact info #1

Havard Paulsen
+47 3 228 4253
Offset Manager
+47 3 228 8620
Kirkegardsveien 45 NO-3601, Kongsberg, Norway


Mechanical Production

  • Machining
  • Welding and sheet metal production
  • Tools and development of prototypes

Helicopter Maintenance and Overhaul Repair, maintenance and overhaul of dynamic components for helicopters in civil and military service.

Composites The production of control and structural parts for the F35 fighter aircraft, Penguin, NSM and the NH90 helicopter.


  • Surface Launched AMRAAM The Surface-Launched Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) family of launchers combines the combat proven AMRAAM missile with a flexible, adaptable launch platform. This combination provides the warfighter with high-firepower, non-line of-sight (NLOS) operator fireand-forget capability.
  • HAWK XXI The Hawk XXI system combines combat-proven air defense credentials with advanced fire control and battle management. It provides unparalleled Hawk system performance today and a customer-selected path to more robust, flexible and lethal combat capability tomorrow.
  • VSHORAD The FDC-VSHORAD (FDC-V) system provides Air Defense Battle Management, Fire Control & Coordination and System Communications Management. It is a scalable system that provides a flexible solution for varying mobility, deploy-ability and mission requirements.
  • BOC - Battalion Operations Center A BOC is an advanced Battle Management Command Control Communication Computerization and Information (BMC4I) center for coordinating and optimizing the use of subordinated Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) units.


Blue Force PROTECTOR The purpose of Blue Force PROTECTOR (BFP) is to give the armed forces:

  • a safer system because of the reduced risk for fratricide
  • a more effective system through an improved Situation Awareness for the operator from the network and inter-operability information
  • a more combat efficient system through shared sensor data and target information with other weapon units.

ComBatt - is a family of products suitable for tactical Army operations ComBatt is an interoperable, distributed information system providing users with an efficient and powerful tool that accelerates the decision (OODA)* process, improves quality and reduces cost.

The ComBatt family of products ensures an optimized, consistent information flow from Division level to squad level, from observation post to gun or from Main Battle Tank commander to helicopter pilot. o KES - KONGSBERG Exploitation System KES is a multifunctional exploitation system for joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (JISR) information across exploitation domains such as:

  • Information fusion
  • Operations intelligence
  • Ground surveillance in near real time
  • Time-sensitive and time-critical targeting
  • Long term ISR analysis

ODIN Fire Control System The ODIN is designed to support artillery operations. ODIN supports multiple simultaneously fire missions on different weapon platforms like tube artillery and mortars.


Multi Role Radio MRR500 is a new generation of VHF radio systems for the digitised battlefield. The Handheld MH500 combined with a Power amplifiers with Cosite filter ("MPAC" or "VPAC) make a complete family of hand-held (MH500), portable PRC (MH500+MPAC), vehicular VRC and base VRC configurations (MH500+VPAC). The multi-role radio supports both data and voice communication and is designed to work with a variety of applications, including CNR, SCRA and air defence. It has very high ECCM capability, with both direct sequence spread spectrum and frequency hopping.

Transmission and Radio Link The Kongsberg family of tactical radio links in Band II and Band III have very strong ECCM/EPM capabilities, including adaptive output power and adaptive frequency hopping. Transmission capacity is 256 kbit/s to 16 Mbit/s, and the typical tactical range is 20-80 km.

Tactical Field Telephone - A user-friendly CB telephone for use in a harsh environment o TacLAN The TacLAN family of wired and wireless broadband Local Area Network equipment provides an integrated and well suited solution for the tactical users. The combination of wired and encrypted wireless transmission capabilities creates a communication scenario supporting the wide range of user applications in the Combat Zone. TacLAN provide exceptionally high data rates and allows multiple voice connections in parallel, which facilitates the complete platoon to operate on the same network, thereby reducing the radio load of the soldiers.

BC360 - Power Supply and Battery charger BC360 is a compact DC power supply and battery charger with nominal output of 28V 50A. It is designed for the supply of power to sensitive electronics, with or without backup battery. The BC360 28V input is power factor corrected and desiged for optimum adaptation to weak power sources such as portable generators. The efficiency is very high due to the soft switching converter technology. The BC360 28V is intended for mounting in 19" rack systems and occupies 2U (88mm) height.

EriTac Tactical Systems KONGSBERG's tactical communications system EriTac features the world's most advanced EPM (Electronic Protective Measures - ECCM). EriTac's flexibility allows the system to be tailored to the user's requirements. Its high-capacity, autonomous, distributed switches maintain communications even under the severest conditions. And it is ready to provide full service just minutes after power-up.


Penguin Anti Ship Missile - Penguin is the world`s leading anti-ship missile on naval helicopters. The Penguin became the first anti-ship cruise missile developed in the western world; it has been continuously updated and is today an advanced all-digital guided weapon system with numerous selectable flight profiles and trajectories.

Naval Strike Missile - NSM - NSM is the only fifth generation long range precision strike missile in existence as per today. Already chosen by the Royal Norwegian Navy for its new frigates and new coastal corvettes, the NSM will be fully operational on these ships when they enter service in the near future.

The NSM is also selected by the Polish Navy for use on its new coastal artillery installations. o Joint Strike Missile - The JSM missile system is designed for both Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Naval Fire Support (NFS) missions in:

  • Open sea
  • Littoral
  • Over land

2,75" Precision Guided Rocket The complete Guidance Unit for a 2´75 rocket includes all major subsystems such as seeker, missile computer, inertial measurement unit (IMU), battery, telemetry and canard actuator system (CAS). The technology used in the seeker can either be a semi-active laser (SAL) seeker or a GPS unit. Kongsberg has also under development an Anti Radiation (ARM) seeker capable of homing onto radars and jammers.


MCM C2 Tactical System MCM C2 Tactical System supports all phases of mine hunting and minesweeping, from planning, performance prediction and preparation, via the operation to report and debrief. To obtain effective MCM operations, MCM C2 is tailored to these tasks by means of effective integration of the vessel’s sensors, effectors and capabilities.

Tactical Bridge System KONGSBERG Tactical Bridge System features an integrated solution designed to support the navigator in all phases of vessel operation using workstations optimised for the bridge environment. The Tactical Bridge System supports all navigation functions required by naval vessels, e.g. ARPA, (W)ECDIS, (W AIS. In addition, the system provides Combat Management System (CMS) functionality, enabling wheelhouse operation of vessel self-protection and helicopter control. The system is interfaced with a variety of sub-systems, e.g. tactical data links, the helicopter control system and vessel self-protection weapons.

Sea PROTECTOR Sea PROTECTOR provides the unique operational capabilities to counter asymmetric threats and enhances overall ship protection in the face of terrorism. Sea PROTECTOR provides exceptional capabilities for harbor defense and is well suited for naval ships and patrol craft of all types and classes. Multiple weapon stations can be networked and operated from the Combat-and Bridge Systems. o TOPAS sub-bottom Profilere The TOPAS family of stand-alone parametric sub-bottom profilers currently comprises of two systems; the PS 18 for full ocean depth operation and the PS40 for very high resolution, medium depth (1000 m) operation. A portable version, the TOPAS PS 120, will also be available.


BASE - Battlespace Synthetic Environment BaSE provides the building blocks for rapid development of customised simulation applications supporting aerial, naval and ground battlefield scenarios. The easy-to-use instructor applications support building realistic scenarios with unique follow up and evaluation of the trainees.

CBT - Computer Based Training PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station (RWS) training is often exposed to a variety of different challenges: high personnel turn over, large target groups, short available training periods, geographical location, multiple configurations of the live system and different languages.

Connect Communcation System CONNECT is a voice communication system specially developed for communication trainers and for integration into simulators that require simulation of voice communication systems such as radio (UHF/VHF/HF/UWT), intercom, field wire, etc. CONNECT offers full capability for configuration, simulation, monitoring, control and recording/playback of voice-based communication systems.

IML - Interactive Maintenance Library The Interactive Maintenance Library (IML) is Kongsberg’s high-tech solution to traditional documentation and training tools. The IML has been developed to support and guide the users in system diagnostics, parts identification and corrective maintenance procedures.

Mobile Combat Trainer KONGSBERGs Mobile Combat Trainer (MCT) is a flexible, low-cost, mobile training solution for armored vehicle and tank personnel. The modular design of the MCT is extremely flexible and leverages COTS extensively creating a reconfigurable, sizeable and cost-effective training-system. The MCT supports the full spectrum of training from basic skills training to crew training and multi-crew tactical training. The MCT can easily be adapted to different vehicles and weapon systems - reconfigurability is a key design factor for the system.

RBS-70 Training System The RBS70 is a mobile, very low level, guided, Surface-to air weapon system. Given that it is a guided weapon, the effectiveness of the system is heavily depended upon the profiency of the operator. KONGSBERGs RBS70 trainer is a high fidelity, low cost training solution that enables highly effective gunner training.

PROTEUS Naval Training System KONGSBERGs PROTEUS Action Speed Tactical Trainer (PROTEUS - ASTT) provides high fidelity naval tactical training. This training system has been designed and continuously upgraded to maintain our state-of-the-art PROTEUS - ASTT solution. The purpose of the PROTEUS- ASTT is to train the naval command team in the tactical decision making process. Crew coordination and mission hand-off procedures are critical in this process and are effectively trained using Proteus.

Kongsberg Defence Systems

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