Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator® Fit to Destroy PFAS as Outlined by New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines

Revive Environmental announced today that its signature PFAS Annihilator®, the first commercially available destruction technology that uses Super Critical Water Oxidation (SCWO), performs within the framework of the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently released guidelines. The EPA’s interim PFAS Disposal Guidance was published Tuesday, bringing clarity to the technologies that are qualified and ready to address PFAS contamination, a pervasive environmental and health issue.

“Revive is excited to see the long-awaited U.S. EPA PFAS Disposal Guidance issued this week,” said Revive’s President and CEO David Trueba. “When viewed against the EPA’s criteria, it is clear Revive’s SCWO technology minimizes the risk of PFAS release into the environment as well as or better than any other available technology.”

Municipalities, states, federal agencies and private industry are able to include SCWO in their PFAS management plans, using a proven, commercially viable technology that guarantees complete destruction of PFAS with no adverse environmental impact.

Revive has been operating commercially at scale since May 2023, offering complete PFAS destruction solutions across the U.S. With the capacity to destroy up to 7 million gallons of PFAS laden waste annually, Revive provides broad and complete PFAS destruction without any harmful byproducts. Revive’s destruction services can be performed remotely or at one of the company’s permitted facilities, for a price that is competitive with incineration and other legacy disposal options.

Revive already is assisting multiple states to organize and conduct aqueous film-forming (AFFF) takeback programs, including Ohio and New Hampshire. In addition to destroying their respective AFFF stockpiles, Revive is providing program infrastructure support, including arranging for collection, tracking, storage and destruction.

The PFAS Annihilator is a potential solution for states such as New York and Illinois which have moratoriums against incineration as a method of destroying PFAS. States and municipalities have expressed concern with the use of incineration of PFAS due to the risk of harmful byproducts being released into the air and potentially spreading the contamination to neighboring areas.

About Revive Environmental

Revive Environmental is a full-service environmental contaminant mitigation and water treatment company, co-founded by Battelle and Viking Global Investors, and is on a mission to destroy PFAS using ready-now, advanced technologies. These patented technologies— PFAS Annihilator® and GAC Renew™—are commercially available and already operating in the U.S. Revive is rapidly scaling and deploying these technologies to isolate, remove and annihilate PFAS chemicals from landfill leachate, industrial wastewater, drinking water, groundwater, and AFFF firefighting foams. In the first-ever deployment of a PFAS destruction in North America, Revive’s PFAS Annihilator was running in a continuous operation and destroying PFAS in landfill leachate to below the U.S. EPA’s proposed 4 parts per trillion drinking water standards. For more information, visit