ACCP Position Statement: "Hydration and Vitamin Infusion Clinics"

ASHBURN, Va., Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The American College of Clinical Pharmacology(®) (ACCP) published a recent Position Paper entitled "Hydration and Vitamin Infusion Clinics". Hydration and vitamin clinics, so-called "drip clinics", offer vitamin infusions (like vitamin B or C) and intravenous hydration cocktails that its proponents, including celebrities, argue have a variety of uses, including relief from sore muscles, possible hangover cure, treating jet lag, and a general improvement in overall well-being. Often these infusions are administered outside of a hospital or clinic setting and, sometimes, not under medical supervision using vitamins of unknown quality, preparation, and purity. This position statement highlights that these infusions should be given under medical supervision for valid medical reasons, with informed consent related to its benefits and risks, by a licensed and trained individual, be that a physician or other qualified healthcare provider, using pharmaceutical grade products prepared by a licensed pharmacist in a setting suitable for the preparation of intravenous products. Currently these "infusion clinics" are largely unregulated, highlighting the need for greater regulatory oversight. This statement was published to stress the need for greater patient awareness and education concerning the use of hydration clinics that are advertised as "safe" and treated like a spa treatment. These excessively positive advertisements overstate their therapeutic potential and understate their potential safety risks.

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