AI educational partnership to elevate classroom presentations, assessments

Lincoln Learning, Prof Jim launch classroom-ready, AI fueled capabilities

BEAVER, Pa. and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As artificial intelligence begins its disruption of curriculum development, Lincoln Learning Solutions and Prof Jim are positioning themselves at the forefront of the emerging educational space with the announcement today of their partnership and the release of two immediately available innovations.

"Our collaboration with Prof Jim has already shown promising results, improving the pace of creation and expanding our content offerings," said Charles Thayer, Chief Academic Officer at Lincoln Learning Solutions. "We are excited to offer these innovative tools to our partner schools, enabling teachers to create more engaging and effective learning environments."

The partnership introduces several key offerings:

    --  AI Slide Assistant and AI Assessment Assistant: Customizable tools
        designed to align with the specific preferences and requirements of
        school districts, facilitating the creation of personalized slide decks
        and assessments.
    --  AI Video Assistant: This tool revolutionizes how educators can deliver
        instruction, allowing for the creation of videos featuring either an AI
        version of the teacher, historical figures like Ben Franklin, or other
        characters to enhance lesson engagement and effectiveness.

"This AI technology enables educators to bring lessons to life in ways previously unimaginable," Pranav Mehta, CTO and Co-Founder of Prof Jim, said. "Without having to own a studio, teachers can use their own AI avatar to teach their lessons, and they can include historical cameos -- from the likes of Jane Austen or Pythagoras or George Washington Carver -- to teach and serve as role models."

Integral to this initiative is the Lincoln Content Bank, an award-winning, multi-modal, educational content library that equips teachers with nearly 110,000 highly vetted learning assets they can configure and assemble to meet the needs of their students. The team intends to use this as the curricular foundation for these AI tools; so, the co-offering is based on vetted, trusted content -- unlike many other AI edtech offerings.

Lincoln Learning is also working with Prof Jim to create an AI tutor product. It is in development and slated to be launched at the start of the 2024-25 school year.

"As more and more studies reveal that tutoring is essential to elevating student confidence and success -- especially in the wake of the pandemic -- we believe this is a tool educators will welcome with open arms," Chief Business and Development Officer at Lincoln Learning Solutions, Dr. Rachel Book, said.

The team expects to have the first wave of AI assisted tools in classrooms before the end of the 2023-24 school year.

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Lincoln Learning Solutions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to collaborating with educators and maximizing their talents to facilitate student success. Based in western Pennsylvania, it is the developer of Lincoln Empowered((TM)), a digitally based curriculum that delivers engaging, standards-based, instruction in online and blended learning environments. Lincoln Empowered((TM)) offers a dynamic array of courses in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and the creative and performing arts. Lincoln Learning Solutions currently serves more than 100 school districts in 14 states, and upward of 20,000 students.

Prof Jim Inc equips organizations with AI-powered instructional tools. In the next few years, AI is set to revolutionize learning, as it boosts quality, increases personalization, and taps into easy translations - all while slashing costs. However, technical hurdles and the high cost of expertise prevent many organizations from accessing AI's benefits. Prof Jim partners with these organizations to create dynamic teaching materials, interactive videos, and assessments using its patented AI. Research indicates that Prof Jim's AI increases content creation efficiency 3x-15x, improves learning outcomes by up to 15%, and elevates student engagement by 25%.

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