Classic Vacations(TM) Introduces Enhanced Booking Engine for Travel Advisors

New online platform allows Travel Advisors to book multiple destinations enabling quick- turn
itineraries, unparalleled flexibility, and real-time access to Preferred and affiliate inventory

SAN JOSE, Calif. , April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a time when travelers are craving seamless experiences and personalized journeys, Classic Vacations, the #1 rated global luxury travel company, is proud to unveil its latest innovation- an enhanced multi-destination booking platform that is custom-built to redefine how Travel Advisors design, plan, and book luxury vacations for their clients.

"After all these years, I couldn't be more excited to offer a digital solution designed for, and with, our Travel Advisors. With a new set of features, benefits, and access to our Preferred inventory for the first time, this new booking platform, and our overall digital transformation, is central to our focus on innovation, excellence and adding value to our ecosystem of Advisors, Hotels and Partners," said Melissa Krueger CEO of Classic Vacations.

"Classic is unique in the wholesale space by delivering on the trifecta - we sell beautiful luxury hotels, we provide impeccable white glove service, and we offer great technology." For over 45 years, by helping Advisors deliver outstanding experiences through highly personalized service, trusted partnerships, and curated products, we are proud to continue delivering more for our Advisors in a very meaningful way," said Krueger.

The new booking platform streamlines the booking process, offering convenience, efficiency, and unparalleled flexibility. The platform enables Advisors to search for, courtesy hold, and facilitate multi-city tours, island-hopping adventures, and cross-country expeditions.

Classic has added specialized packaging services for Advisors wishing to add components like air, rail, ground transportation, in destination tours, and more. The packaging service is high-touch and tailored to each Advisor's needs.

Select benefits of Classic's new online booking experience for Travel Advisors:

    --  Multi-Hotel, Multi-Room, Multi-Destination Bookings: All in one
    --  Global Inventory: Access to Classic Preferred and Affiliate hotels with
        real-time rates and inventory.
    --  Courtesy Hold: Hold inventory while consulting with clients.
    --  Packaging Service: Add finishing touches to client itineraries by
        consulting with highly trained destination experts.
    --  Mobile Friendly: Send clients mobile-friendly itineraries.
    --  Fraud Protection: Industry-leading protection for online booking

"Imagine the possibilities this opens for our Advisors. If you have a client who wants to travel to Europe and visit several countries, which is typical - gone are the days of booking one property at a time and worrying about whether the inventory is real-time and held for you. This platform allows access to all our Preferred partner hotels and villas, plus all other global affiliate inventory together. We will personally help wrap these bookings with our curated packaging service for in-destination tours, activities and more. We know this is game changing, and we are so excited to bring this to our Advisor community," said Amy Logan, Vice President, Solutions, at Classic Vacations.

In addition to offering unforgettable travel experiences, Classic Vacations, which is owned by The Najafi Companies, is committed to providing unparalleled access to luxury products and services for its Travel Advisor community. Classic Vacations Advisors have access to over 1,200 Classic Preferred hotels worldwide. In addition, Classic offers its own curated tours and itineraries that are hand-picked, sourced locally, and curated to meet even the most discerning clients' needs. With over 1,000 tours in Europe alone, Classic's tour offerings easily rival and surpass servicing provided by most DMCs.

To learn more about Classic Vacations and its new online booking platform, Classic Online, please visit or call 1800.221.3949.

Angela Showley
Marketing and Communications
Classic Vacations

)Founded in 1978, Classic Vacations is the #1 rated luxury vacation platform owned by The Najafi Companies. Over the past four decades, Travel Advisors have relied on Classic to help create and support millions of exceptional travel experiences for their clients. In doing so, Classic not only facilitates special vacation memories, but also helps travelers see a world beyond their immediate community. Classic has grown to represent over a hundred destinations around the world and offers a full line of accommodations, from mid-tier to luxury (including suites, villas, and residences), competitive pricing, first class and private transportation options, and unique tours and excursions in Abu Dhabi, Africa, Asia, Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Dubai, Europe, Fiji, Hawaii, Mainland USA, Maldives, Mexico, Oman, Seychelles, and Tahiti. For more information, visit or call (800) 221-3949.

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