The innovative tool will assist students applying for federal financial aid, making college more accessible than ever before.

SAINT PAUL, Minn., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- North Star Prosperity has introduced a groundbreaking digital tool to help Minnesota students and families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid for college.

Wyatt is a unique, AI-powered FAFSA advisor created by the nonprofit Benefits Data Trust to simplify the financial aid process. Amidst the challenges students faced this year with the updated FAFSA form, Wyatt provides a secure platform for students to text their FAFSA-related questions and receive personalized responses. In addition to answering students' questions in real-time, Wyatt serves as a supportive companion, motivating students to complete the FAFSA through timely reminders and using natural language processing to communicate with students in text message conversations.

Use Wyatt here:

"This FAFSA advisor is available to any prospective or current Minnesota college student at any time, helping unlock millions of dollars in state and federal financial aid," said Mike Dean, Executive Director of North Star Prosperity. "Our goal is to simplify the financial aid application process, ensuring more students can access the resources they need to make their education affordable."

This tool is being launched with a six-figure digital and video advertising campaign designed to support students in applying for the North Star Promise, Minnesota's new Free College program. Students completing the FAFSA will be automatically notified if they receive the North Star Promise program through their financial aid award letter.

"With the North Star Promise program, we are breaking down financial barriers and ensuring that every Minnesotan, not just the affluent, can pursue higher education without the crippling burden of student debt," said Mike Dean. "Wyatt will make the North Star Promise program more accessible to the students that need it the most."

"We are proud to collaborate with North Star Prosperity to bring Wyatt to Minnesota students who need trusted information about the FAFSA at their fingertips, as the next few weeks are crunch time to apply for financial aid that can make a college degree possible," said Daniel O'Donnell, Associate Director of Higher Education at Benefits Data Trust, a nonprofit that helps individuals connect to assistance programs, while working with government and other partners to modernize the public benefits system. "BDT is on a mission to make government assistance more accessible to eligible people, including students - both today's college students who are struggling to afford basic needs such as food and healthcare, and tomorrow's students who may not be able to attend college at all if not for financial aid."

Students can learn more about North Star Promise at:

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