Marshall awarded seven-year contract to build command and control systems for Swedish Armed Forces

May 22, 2024 - Marshall has secured a contract valued at over £100 million to design and produce an extensive suite of command and control (C2) shelters, modular workspaces and ancillary equipment for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

Having formally joined NATO in March, Sweden is embarking on a rapid digital defence modernisation programme to support integration with alliance partners and enhance the overall readiness of its full-time and reserve forces. In addition to delivering a critical upgrade to core C2 capabilities, Marshall’s highly manoeuvrable and rapidly deployable systems will transform the operational resilience and survivability of the Swedish Armed Forces’ critical infrastructure in open, littoral and urban operations.

Over the next four years, with the option to extend a further three thereafter, Marshall will deliver up to 500 shelters as well a range of ancillary equipment including power units, battery boxes and mast trailers. Production will be shared across facilities in the UK and Canada, demonstrating the efficiency and capacity benefits made possible by Marshall’s growing operational footprint around the world.

To provide the full spectrum of C2 capabilities and support for personnel, Marshall will adapt its standardised base 20ft container range into a total of 16 shelter variants, each of which will feature a unique combination of equipment, modules and specifications for dedicated roles such as command, communications, mast operation, technical support and network support. Electromagnetic shielding will be standard across the C2 suite, most variants will feature HVAC and CBRN filtration systems and one variant includes ballistic protection.

In addition to the production and delivery of shelters and ancillaries, the contract awarded to Marshall also includes parts supply and ongoing technical and maintenance support for up to 10 years.

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