Azul 3D Launches OCEAN 3D Printer

Azul 3D, the leading-edge 3D printing startup, has launched the OCEAN™ printing platform — the world’s largest and most productive area-wide 3D printing solution.

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Azul 3D's OCEAN printing platform (Photo: Business Wire)

Azul 3D's OCEAN printing platform (Photo: Business Wire)

Developed in collaboration with an industry partner, OCEAN™ features a staggering 812 mm x 812 mm build area that leverages Azul 3D’s proprietary, modular HARP™ technology. With the announcement, Azul 3D is opening the door to new partnerships with industry leaders aiming to take advantage of these capabilities to disrupt their own markets.

HARP™ employs a liquid interface that remains molecularly flat across the entire build area during printing, enabling high precision across the largest parts. The architecture actively removes heat from the curing reaction, enabling thermal consistency and process stability for high-volume manufacturing. With its modular optical engine, OCEAN™ maintains the full 72um high resolution and intensity digital light processing (DLP) projection of its predecessor, the LAKE™ printer.

“Our strategy is to empower the future of digital manufacturing,” said John Hartner, CEO of Azul 3D. “The OCEAN platform is a new-to-industry capability, with the opportunity to enable new high-volume products and supply chains.”

With the ability to produce ultra-fine features and harness build speeds of over 300 mm per hour, the OCEAN represents new economic paradigm for polymer production. In the clean tech sector, its printed structures offer exciting new engineering possibilities to improve performance of large-scale filters and membranes for carbon capture and water treatment.

In collaboration with Dr. Devin Roach at Oregon State University, Azul 3D is investigating and testing the application of functional coatings to printed surfaces, including novel carbon-sorbent materials pioneered by the Nyman research group at Oregon State.


Azul 3D™ is a leader in developing digital manufacturing technologies to serve high-value markets. Initially invented at Northwestern University, Azul 3D leverages its proprietary HARP™ platform to create custom manufacturing solutions to meet the material, economic, and performance needs of the most challenging application spaces. Working with its industry-leading partners, Azul 3D enables product innovation, faster supply chains, and improved sustainability. More information can be found at