Corsight AI Partners with Segdboa to Provide São Paulo Military Police with Facial Intelligence Capabilities

Corsight AI is proud to announce its involvement in a groundbreaking security project at the 14th Battalion in Osasco, a neighboring city within the metropolitan area of São Paulo. The initiative marks a significant step forward in leveraging advanced technology to enhance public safety.

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A Monitoring Center at the 23rd Battalion of the Military Police of São Paulo. Credit: Corsight AI

A Monitoring Center at the 23rd Battalion of the Military Police of São Paulo. Credit: Corsight AI

Captain David, a key sponsor and advocate for this initiative, has been instrumental in integrating Segdboa's comprehensive security solution at the battalion. The solution features Corsight AI's cutting-edge Facial Intelligence platform, Digifort's Video Management System (VMS) and License Plate Recognition (LPR), IP Extreme's video analytics for gun detection, smoke detection, fall detection, and fight detection, as well as Dahua's cameras, video walls, and touch screen TVs positioned throughout the battalion.

"This project is a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance public safety in Osasco and beyond," said Captain David, coordinator of activities at the 14th Battalion. "With the advanced technology provided by Segdboa and Corsight AI, we can respond more quickly and effectively to potential threats."

This initiative is part of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) spearheaded by Segdboa, which donates fully-equipped monitoring rooms to each battalion, outfitted with the latest in security technology. These rooms enable real-time monitoring and rapid response to potential threats. Segdboa also installs surveillance poles with cameras in front of critical private and public venues such as shopping centers, condominiums, bridges, and parks. These cameras detect suspects and alert the Military Police forces within the battalion’s jurisdiction, ensuring swift action and increased public safety.

"We are proud to support this initiative and bring our cutting-edge technology to the forefront of public safety efforts," said Roberto Rocha, CEO of Segdboa. "Our goal is to create a safer environment for everyone by integrating the best technology available with the dedicated efforts of our police forces. We chose Corsight AI's technology for its proven accuracy in real-world conditions and for its unbiased performance across gender and ethnicity."

To date, Segdboa has donated monitoring rooms to five cities, as well as the Civil Guard Corps of Ibiúna city. The project aims to eventually deliver monitoring rooms to each of the 380 battalions of the Military Police of São Paulo state, which is known as the powerhouse of Brazil and often sets the standard for the nation.

"We are excited to be part of this innovative project that leverages our Facial Intelligence platform to enhance security and public safety," said Geraldo Sanga, Corsight AI's Brazil Regional Sales Director. "This collaboration demonstrates the power of combining advanced technology with dedicated public service."

Additionally, Segdboa plans to integrate each battalion's facial recognition database with the national Cortex system from the Ministry of Justice. This national database includes photos of all citizens with legal mandates and records of stolen vehicles, facilitating more efficient law enforcement operations across the state.

Corsight AI is committed to supporting this vital initiative and enhancing public safety through innovative facial recognition technology. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Segdboa and the Military Police of São Paulo.