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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

Verolme Elektra, is a medium sized, privately owned company, founded in 1957 and specializes in the design, development, supply and support of electro-mechanical systems, such as cable harnesses, test stands and ground support equipment. Verolme Elektra's customer base consists of respectable defence, aerospace and industry organizations, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The company's experienced and knowledgeable personnel in engineering, project management and production, its well equipped production facility and motivated staff form the basis of an effective, flexible organization and reliable products.

Verolme Elektra BV aims to:

  • Supply superior tailor made products, in conformance with customers’ expectations.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction by continuously improving all aspects of product reliability, project management, quality, competitive pricing and after sales service.
  • Invest in long-term win-win partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Invest continuously in personnel capabilities,human relations and the latest technological development.
  • Participate in new large European military development programs.
  • Delivering high standing quality.

VEROLME ELEKTRA has the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AQAP-2110 edition 3:2009
  • IPC WHMA-A-620



Verolme Elektra’s own built or built-to-print products are or have been used in the following products:

  • Main battle tanks
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Light infantry vehicles
  • Rocket systems
  • Shelters
  • Communication systems
  • Field equipment

Current, past and future projects Verolme is involved in:

  • Leopard I & II Main Battle Tank
  • PzH2000
  • M109/M113/YPR
  • Fennek
  • Dardo Hitfist
  • CV90
  • Boxer


Verolme cable harnesses and electro-mechanical sub assemblies are used in galley’s; galley equipment; crew rest rooms, ground support equipment and small testing devices. Verolme is working directly or indirectly for OEM like BOEING and AIRBUS and for MRO companies such as Fokker and KLM.


In the civil market the cables harnesses and special assemblies are used under the most extreme circumstances.

Examples are :

  • Cables for shock absorbers for trains
  • Wind speed indicators
  • Cables for luxury yachts
  • Cables for diesel engines
  • Switch boxes for machinery



Verolme Elektra B.V. - PicturesVerolme Elektra B.V. - Pictures 2


Verolme Elektra BV can assist customers in the conceptual design, software development, in-house production and certifications of special cable harnesses and systems.
As a military and aerospace supplier, Verolme Elektra BV is accustomed to complying with military requirements and supported by the most modern production facilities. Over the years Verolme Elektra BV has become very skilful at finding effective solutions for special requirements.

Verolme Elektra is fully equipped to perform special tests on cables and components: environmental testing, stress testing, bend testing and vibration testing are performed in house.

Verolme Elektra BV is fully capable of designing the specific harness suitable to customers' needs. Based on their program or demands and based on existing hardware, cables and wiring the company is able to find the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Based on the design Verolme Elektra will engineer a prototype in accordance with the specifications. This model can either be fully tested by the company's fully equipped test department or it can be tested by customers.

Verolme Elektra's flexible, well trained, certified production team is capable of producing from prototypes, small series up to series of thousands per piece. The company has the right equipment for every job and every type of quantity which enables them to manufacture high quality in an economical and cost-effective way


  • Wiring harnesses
  • System cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Radio cables
  • Cables with shielding
  • Internal wiring harnesses
  • Special purpose cable
  • Power cables
  • Proto type cables



For over 25 years, Verolme Test Stands B.V. has supplied test stands and ground support equipment to satisfied customers in the civil and military aerospace industry.
Verolme Test Stands has in-house engineering capabilities for hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, electronics, software-development and mechanical construction.
All products are built to customer specification and optimized for the specific tasks required.

Over the years the company has successfully developed and delivered test stands for the following components:

  • Fuel pumps, controls, governors, flow divider valves, fuel nozzles, heat exchangers
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors, actuators, valves, servicing trolleys
  • Lubricating oil pumps, coolers, temperature control valves
  • Pneumatic starters, anti-icing systems, high pressure, vacuum, ventilation systems
  • Electrical AC and DC generators, inverters, CSDs, solenoids
  • Remote indication, high-voltage ignition, temperature amplifiers, supervisory equipment
  • Altitude media temperature sensing devices, pressure switches, transmitters
  • Electro hydraulic servos
  • Hydraulic multi station power supplies

Production of new test equipment as for example:

  • Fuel Test Stands
  • Hydraulic Test Stands
  • Pneumatic Test Stands
  • Electrical Test Stands
  • Generator Test Stand



Verolme Test Stands also provides upgrade packages for existing test equipment. This can involve adding new components to the capability of existing test stands, providing special tooling and fixtures or upgrading existing test stands to the latest standards and regulations (i.e. environmental, safety or noise reduction). Verolme Test Stands can also upgrade manually operated test stands with automatic handling facilities and add automatic data acquisition functions.

Provide an upgrade package on existing test-equipment such as:

  • Adding new components to the capability of existing test stands
  • Special tooling and fixtures
  • Upgrading existing Test Stands to the latest standards and regulations
  • Upgrading with regard to environment, safety and noise reduction
  • Upgrading manually operated Test Stands with automatic handling facilities
  • Adding automatic data acquisition

 Special Expertise:

  • Putting Test Stand expertise in Ground Support Equipment
  • Combining capabilities in multi-functional products
  • Adapting the design to specific customer requirements
  • Focus on user friendly designs
  • Maintenance, and delivery of spare parts for existing test equipment

Verolme Elektra B.V.

  • Elektraweg 5 3144 CB, Maassluis, The Netherlands
  • +31(0)10 591 30 33
  • +31(0)10 591 91 57
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