Nexa3D Unveils Xyon: A Revolutionary Carbon-Fiber Polymer for Filament 3D Printing

Nexa3D, the leader in ultrafast 3D printing solutions, announced today the launch of its newest innovation, Xyon—an advanced carbon-fiber filled plastic 3D printing filament, set to transform the industry. Designed for both desktop and industrial applications, Xyon promises to deliver the same robust performance as market competitors like Onyx® but at a more economical cost, fulfilling Nexa3D’s commitment to offering high-quality, cost-effective, and customer-centric solutions.

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Soft jaws manufactured with Nexa3D's Xyon filament. Xyon has the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance to ensure strong, durable tooling. (Photo: Business Wire)

Soft jaws manufactured with Nexa3D's Xyon filament. Xyon has the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance to ensure strong, durable tooling. (Photo: Business Wire)

See Xyon in action at RAPID + TCT at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Nexa3D booth #1839, from Tuesday, June 25 to Thursday, June 27, 2024.

A New Era in High Performance Filament 3D Printing

As the first filament released after Nexa3D’s acquisition of high-performance extrusion experts Essentium, Inc, Xyon is not merely a material choice; it's a pivotal shift in 3D printing dynamics.

"At Nexa3D, we empower our customers with the freedom of choice," said Avi Reichental, CEO, co-founder, and chairman of Nexa3D. "Xyon represents a breakthrough in super polymer extrusion technology that combines exceptional quality with significant cost savings. This launch is a testament to our commitment to revolutionize 3D printing accessibility, enabling a wider range of applications and empowering professionals worldwide to realize their creative and industrial potential.”

Key Advantages of Xyon

  • Cost Efficiency: Xyon is engineered to be highly cost-effective, offering exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost of other industrial-grade carbon fiber filaments.
  • Performance and Compatibility: Designed to work within existing print parameters, Xyon ensures broad compatibility, easy integration, and seamless transitions for users of competitive products like Onyx. It’s also compatible with key brands like Bambu Labs.
  • Versatility: From prototyping to manufacturing, Xyon handles a wide array of applications, ensuring versatility without the need to switch materials.
  • Quality Assurance: Leveraging Nexa3D’s cutting-edge super polymer technology, Xyon guarantees superior durability and reliability for all 3D printing needs.

Experience the Freedom of Choice

Nexa3D is excited to demonstrate Xyon at the RAPID + TCT event in Los Angeles, where attendees can witness firsthand the game-changing capabilities of this innovative material.

Join Nexa3D in redefining the possibilities of high-performance 3D printing with Xyon. Visit for more details.

About Nexa3D

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