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Orad, is a leading global provider of integration services delivering proven end-to-end security & perimeter defense, safety & fire detection, communications & control solutions to a wide range of customers. From comprehensive planning, through precise implementation, to round-the-clock maintenance, Orad successfully meets the diverse and multiple challenges encountered by systems integrators throughout the project lifecycle.

Founded in 1971 with headquarters in Israel, Orad operates a worldwide network of offices in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Columbia, India and Africa.


Security & Perimeter defense
Orad is a leading provider of perimeter security and defense solutions. We have vast experience carrying out a range of security projects including the deployment of large-scale and sophisticated border, military base, security agency, safe city, airport, seaport, train terminal, prison, and public-sector compound systems. Featuring Orad’s unique expertise integrating diverse access control systems, sensors, radar arrays, electronic fences and night vision systems, our security offering includes some of today’s most advanced solutions including biometry and video analysis systems.

Safety & Fire Detection
Orad offers an array of cutting-edge fire and gas detection and extinguishing solutions. From point, flame and aspiration smoke detection (ASD) to water, foam, powder and water mist protection systems, our solutions cover the full range of safety challenges encountered by organizations today. Our solution are in line with the latest standards and include comprehensive safety training, consulting and delivery based on our customers unique specifications.

Communications & Control
Orad’s ability to build and maintain the communications layer of integrated projects is instrumental in our offering comprehensive turnkey projects. We possess expertise in several technologies including passive managed communications, active communications, Voip PBX and unified communications, while our solutions range from information security and identity management (IDM), through integrated physical access control, to log-in access systems.


Security & Perimeter Defense

• Access Control
• Biometry
• Command and control
• Perimeter protection

Safety & Fire Detection

• Safety control
• Fire Prevention & detection

Traffic Management

• Parking Management
• Traffic management and Control


• Zultys Pure IP products
• Optic Communication

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