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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment

Vippon Hellenic Rubber Industry (HRI) S.A. specializes in the rubber compound development and processing and production of vulcanised rubber or rubber to metal bonded parts of defence, industrial and civil engineering applications.

The company's range of production related to defence procurement sector:

  • Rubber compounds for military footwear vulcanization
  • Rubber to metal bonded track assemblies and assembled track shoes and track systems
  • Overhaul and Refurbishment of track assemblies and systems
  • Modification of track systems of detachable rubber pads to the existing systems
  • Hard rubber battery cases and cell covers for NATO type Lead Acid Batteries
  • Production of rubber assemblies for NBC Masks.

Company is mainly focused primarily in the Defense Sector, it demonstrates in depth experience in the production of rubberized (rubber to metal bonded) track parts for various types of armored tracked vehicles (trackshoe bodies, track pads, pins, bushings, road wheels, iddler wheels) and has developed the applied know-how for the assembling of the afore mentioned rubberized track components in completed trackshoes and track systems.

The Hellenic Tracks Team is to undertake the production of tracks hoes for the following vehicles of the Hellenic Army:

  • Leopard-1 MBT
  • M60/M48 MBT
  • M109 SPH
  • M107/110 SPH
  • M113 APC
  • BMP-1 AIFV
  • M88 ARV

Vippon Hellenic Rubber Industry (HRI) S.A. has been quality certified to ISO 9002 standard.

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Vippon Hellenic Rubber Industry (HRI) S.A.

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